Sunday, December 21, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S6 to have two curved edges: Report

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be made entirely or partially of metal -- that's something that's been rumoured for months.

Samsung Galaxy S6 to have two curved edges: ReportItalian site Samsung HD Blog agrees, saying that the Galaxy S6 will have a unibody aluminum chassis. But even more interesting is the site's claim that the next Galaxy flagship -- not a variant or a Galaxy S6 Edge -- will feature a unique curved display.

This display will be curved on both edges, much like an analyst predicted in November, but not in quite the same way that the Galaxy Note Edge is, the site says.

Too good to be true

The Galaxy S6's curves will reportedly be "different" from the Note Edge so that it won't be difficult to grip, the site says. That may mean more subtle curves, or something else.

The flagship will reportedly come in two variants, one with a Snapdragon 810 chip and one with an Exynos 7, but the report says both will be called the Galaxy S6 and both will be doubly curved.

The Italian site's info comes from what Google translates as "reliable sources," though this does seem too good to be true.

Then again, we've been hearing all along that the Galaxy S6 will be radically different. Hopefully we'll find out at CES 2015.

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