Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tom Clancy's The Division Release Date For Xbox One And PS4 Will Happen In 2015 Despite Production Roadblocks; What Problems Can Players Expect When They Play The Game For The First Time?

Despite Ubisoft's assurance that Tom Clancy's The Division release date for Xbox One PS4 will push through on 2015, several reports are claiming that the game is far from 100%.  Ubisoft is buying more time so it can deliver what it has promised.

The much awaited game from Ubisoft will feature progression systems, constant upgrades and an endless gameplay.  The game aims to give its players new content to add more hours to the main experience, Game Spot noted.

The new game looks very impressive, but with the year ending soon, no confirmation has been made about a "Tom Clancy's The Division" release date for Xbox One and PS4. Moviepilot reports, "Ubisoft has already pushed their highly anticipated MMO The Division to 2015. According to a report, the game was nowhere near ready in May earlier this year! So if game development had barely started at that time, can we assume that they are running into a lot of issues with the latest Tom Clancy experience?!"

Bugs, glitches and other inevitable production issues remain to be the top release date roadblocks. Previous reports however suggest that players might encounter a gameplay problem involving the transition between PvE and PvP.

Executive producer Frederick Runquist noted that "the issues will seem to stem from players seamlessly transitioning between PvE and PvP, which will apparently make the PvP 'Dark Zone' mode incredibly hard to balance correctly," said

"You know, since we have this seamless transition between PvE and PvP, I think it would break the immersion if, all of a sudden, your inventory would change and you'd have a gun in your hand and then it just disappears. So yes, there will be a lot of balancing issues, but then on the other hand if you're playing against other players, they will have the same opportunity as you do to re-spec and meet the challenge that you represent," Runquist discussed further.

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