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Hello, This is Your Fridge Speaking

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As humans, we rely on one thing above all others to make our world go round – communication. It’s no surprise, then, that the majority of technology becoming available to us is built with this in mind. Phones and mobile devices are obvious examples – we’re all used to staying connected on the move – but did you know that even your kitchen appliances could soon be social media integrated? Wi-Fi is the common feature, from your fridge to your oven – the future is communication!

We’re not just talking communication with other humans here – we mean communication with your own home, as well as the objects within it. LG are working hard to develop their HomeChat service, which will allow users to speak directly to their home appliances via an app. You’ll be able to get your friendly electronics to power down or boil the kettle, just by asking nicely. There’s been no word yet of a robot to take a ready meal out of the fridge and put it in the microwave for you, but it does only seem a matter of time.

Social media in your washing machine may seem like a far-out concept, but LG has hinted at the definite possibility of downloading special wash cycles for tricky garments. Just think – no more putting the washing on when you go out, and coming back to a drum full of damp and smelly clothes. With control of the remote app, you'll be able to start the cycle to ensure you come through the front door just as it finishes. And when you can control your kitchen appliances remotely, there'll be no need for panic when you suddenly wonder if you've left the oven on!

This kind of social media enablement could make your personal life easier – applications will soon be available to let you monitor all kinds of things from afar, from your projected heating bill, to the stock in your fridge. In turn, this could make the process of running a home budget a lot easier, too!

Drawing up a home budget is a chore for many people, and even the smallest mistake can end up costing you money. A little help from your home technology could go miles towards making this job less stressful. Picture this – you’re browsing Pinterest on your phone, you find a recipe you like the look of, and so you ask your fridge remotely whether it contains the correct ingredients to make it. It means you’ll be able to avoid buying duplicate items, and seeing what's already in the fridge could inspire you to become a thriftier shopper! You could even communicate your own recipes to friends and family, anywhere in the world.

An example of this type of home-automation technology is already widely available, and it comes in the form of wifi-enabled sockets that plug straight into the wall. The functionality already appears pretty impressive – not only can you control any basic appliance in your home at the touch of a button, but most models can break down your energy usage as well as advise on how to save money!

These futuristic white goods are still in development, and sure, they’re likely to set you back a pretty penny when they do arrive – but for the long-term, the potential savings could be huge. Until the future of technology finally becomes a reality, you can check out Cleanipedia for tips on how to help organise your home budget today.

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