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How TV Provider Apps Are Helping Consumers Watch TV On The Go

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Consumers are becoming more powerful and tech savvy with the increasing penetration of smartphones and the Internet, not to mention its growing speed, to every nook and corner of the world.  They want to do things on the go; influencing and dictating providers to cater to their demands or else go out of business. This has come to TV as well.

Today TV providers are offering consumers smartphone apps to watch their favorite shows and news wherever and whenever they want.  Sounds pretty cool? Yes, but providers put too much sweat into developing such apps because it is a practical option for them to keep satisfying consumer needs.

Instant access and ease of use
TV app is a nice hit. Unlike YouTube channels, dedicated smartphone apps allow providers make their content exist on their own and available for people to watch on the go and at work.  TV apps exist as separate networks; the providers collection of videos and live shows are evident as a brand on the smartphone display. With the app installed, instead of going to the providers website or YouTube channel, consumers simply tap the TV app on their screen and get instant access to all videos.

This means that you can watch all your favorite shows ‘live’ even when you are far away from home or you do not have a television set nearby. These apps air content that requires a solid internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G etc.) so that there is no disturbance.

Enchanting experience
This unorthodox TV watching experience gives delightful experience to viewers, and in the process allow providers to tap supplementary revenue streams in the form of channel subscriptions, TVCs, and pay-per-view. TV apps allow viewers to be much immersed in what they are watching, without distraction. It gives a completely different experience.

According to most people the ease is one of the main reasons why these apps have found such success globally. There is no need to be in a hurry to rush home in order to catch your favorite show, as you can watch it anywhere. In some cases viewers also have the ability to watch the show after it has aired.

Traditional TV networks are shifting
Once completely conventional brands, big names like CNN and MTV have also come up with TV apps for mobile devices now. ABC News also rolled out its TV app that allows viewers to live stream news. The app also offers subscription option to access valuable content.

Viewerspropensity to use TV apps
According to a research, views have time to spare, and they enjoy watching TV on their mobile devices while traveling on an airplane, on a bus or a train. The study also found that viewers dont want to miss their favorite TV shows, and are eager to get the breaking news right on their smartphones. When at work, people use TV apps during lunch breaks and shorter breaks, according to the study. They also enjoy playing background sound on the apps.

Viewers are in the drivers seat
With TV apps, viewers are actually in the drivers seat. It offers viewers the flexibility to watch whatever content they may prefer, unlike a traditional TV channel where viewers watch what the network plays to them.

You should have all DIRECTV information so you can compare TV providers to find the right one. There are a number of TV apps available for all platforms and to be able to fully enjoy the benefits it is vital that you pick the right app as features and other such things (cost, available channels, video quality etc.) also differ from app to app. Plus, the right quality phone is also required to fully enjoy the benefits of these apps.

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