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How technologies make you a millionaire?

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In order to become a millionaire using a technology you do not have to play euromillions or lottery online but need something that can be your game changer. When Mark Zuckerberg first came up with the idea of Facebook, there was nothing like it. Now, he is a billionaire and according to Forbes, his wealth value is estimated to be around 17.5 billion dollars. The inventor of Dropbox Drew Houston also made money worth 240 million dollars in 2011, similarly there are many in the millionaire list that made good money using technology. There are ways and technology has the potential to let you earn million; let’s check some of the technology ideas that are time tested to become a millionaire as under:

You do not need to be a singer to become a pop star over YouTube. If you are smart enough to use the web and lucky enough to strike the cord the right time with your cool video of even your pet, child or a double rainbow you end up making things viral. YouTube can help in getting in touch with people asking you to become a partner, which means the portal would run a number of ads along with your child and thus share more than 50 percent of revenue with you. For instance, David After Dentist alone has made 100,000 dollars from YouTube ads. Viral video celebrities can help you in diversifying into TV appearance and boost up the merchandise even with the help of iPhone applications can help in getting Charlie Bit My Finger has helped people earn a lot.

YouTube is not the only platform for launching the careers of millionaires. The online clothing store called Nasty Gal owner called Amouruso has made 130 million dollars and in the 128 million sales last year. Similarly, there are many more such online retail stores which have helped people to become rick. One of the time tested platform for the web marketplace is Craigslist and eBay and stylish platforms including the portals like ModCloth wherein the sale works through web based apps and other medium giving the owners million dollars. A young couple called Eric and Susan is behind the show and are among the top 30 list of Forbes.

Bloggers too make huge money, however, for this you need to set up your own website that become the base or platform to write about a wide range of topics including finance, music and fashion to name a few. By building up your readership and followers you can easily catch the attention of a number of companies that you are keen to get your website. In the year 2008, Johns Wu who happens to be the founder of Bankaholic,com sold the website to Bankrate.Inc for worth 15 million dollars. Similarly the technology based website called TechCrunch was acquired by the company called AOL in the year 2010 for worth 30 million dollars making its owner Michael Arrington a rich man.

Wrapping up
So, there are many other ways for earning money in million using technology provided you have some idea to crack. So, rather trying options like you play euromillions or try the lottery online, you can certainly rely on the above discussed options and become a millionaire.

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