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Best Platforms to Build Smartphone Apps


In the market, there are more than a million apps available for us, to use for different purposes. The technology is disrupting the ways of using these apps. It is a fact that almost around 80 per cent of the world’s population uses a smart phone. Smartphones occupy most of the time we are spending in a day. We are swooned by the virtual world, as it is fast moving and we are trying to keep pace with it.

Tech gigs keep developing different kinds of applications, so as to bring in a great business. These applications are developed in such a way that, they can be used on wireless devices. There has been an enormous amount of growth in usage of apps on the smartphones. Now, the people from the information technology industry want to build apps which are creative and innovative.

Apps are taking the industry by storm, every organization wants to develop. They are aware of the fact that, this will help them to grow tremendously. The tech gigs know the things which will keep the users engaged in using the apps. There are apps, which we can use offline and online. So, which platform would the best one for us to develop the apps?

We know that the developers will develop the apps right from the scratch. It is not an easy task to accomplish, it takes time. There are chances that we might run into consequences. The more we delay to complete an app, the reach will also get delayed and that is not good. We need to know which platform will best suit us to develop an app, which is interesting and captivating at the same time.

There are lists of mobile app development platforms available to develop the right apps. We need to analyze all of them and choose the right one to develop. The platform should help us to develop the apps, which will reach the masses. It should never leave the phone of the user that is how it has to be. There are situations where people uninstall the apps, as they are not happy with it and it is unnecessarily occupying space on the phone.

Check out these platforms, they are the best among all in the market.

Mobile Roadie

This platform helps us to develop apps with the help of the location. It works on Location Based Service (LBS); it is used to handle the features in the location data. We can build our apps using the software tools like PHP, XML, JSON, CSV and HTML. The best thing about this platform is that, it uses Really Simple Syndication (RSS) for automatic updates of blogs, news feeds and statuses on social networking websites.

We can check how our app would look like after the completion of development? Quality of the content which we will be posting in our app, will the users be satisfied with it? All we need to do is that, we put our code in the platform and extract it. The cost for us to subscribe to this platform is $126 per month. We can customize the layout which would like to have on our app. is a cloud based platform; we can develop the mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows OS. The platform has components which are inbuilt and help us to get a structure of the app which is flexible. We can run it on the cloud, it can be a private cloud or a public cloud. Elements can be added to the app by drag and drop; it has an interface which is user friendly. Another added feature which it has, it is a plug in database, if we want to add some more elements to our app. The demo version is free of cost, while the paid version will cost us $180 per month.


Its interface is highly user friendly, as we can just drag and drop the elements into the platform. We have the option “Content Management System” (CMS) which we can sync with our database through the API. It has the compatibility for cloud and social media services. ShoutEm has powerful tools like user management tools, monetization and couple publishing services. We can integrate the app with the content from WordPress, FourSquare, Facebook and a few more. The price for this platform is from $19.90 per month for basic services and $119.90 for unlimited services.

Game Salad

Gaming, who does not, loves to play a game? If, we are planning to develop a gaming app, then this platform is the best option for us to choose from. The platform is available for HTML 5, Android, iOS and Macintosh X. The drag and drop option specializes in creating the actors and scenes for the game. We have an access to a community forum where we can get help to design our app. They have recently hooked up with Amazon, so it can specifically design for Kindle Fire. The plans are available for free and would cost us $299 per year for a Pro version of the platform.


Planning to start a business and need help with a strategy, then this platform might be helpful. They are good at integrating third party apps into another app and do that seamlessly. We can build an online business by using this particular platform. If, we are planning to sell things with the help of an app, it helps to do it in a customized manner. The designs which we can choose from are already built in, so it makes our work easier. The mobile website would cost us $29 per month and if, it is for an app which we want then it would be $59 per month.

So, now we are aware of the platforms which will be the best option. But, before we go ahead and decide to purchase and start building. There are certain factors which we need to consider. If, we are launching an app in the play store or app store, everyone should use it. That is the business tactic which any techie would apply, because it is a business. The app has to reach a larger portion of the crowds only then we can make a profit out of it. 

The market has strong contenders, we need to excel and outdo them. We need to check what the elements which they have. It is alright to clone a few features from our rival. But, make sure that they don’t look alike; our app should be unique in its own way. What does the app has, which the other apps don’t? This is the winning factor for an app, if we can have something which is not already there.

It is a fact, the use of smartphones is going to increase staggeringly and people are not going to stop. There will be millions of apps getting introduced and competition will be growing. We need to make sure that we have a strong footing and never let anyone take us down. Technology is driving the world right now and it is going to get bigger and better. So, we need to be prepared for all the challenges coming our way and make through it. 

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