The question comes up regularly about the file size limits of Google Drive apps. At what point will Drive limit you from continuing to type in Documents? What about row or cell limits in Spreadsheets? Does Presentations have a number of slides limit? All those answers and more in the table below.
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 Google shares a few formulas that specifically contribute to the complexity of your sheet, they are the following:
  • VLOOKUP, QUERY, SUMIF, and similar formulas that take a large range of cells as input.
  • Volatile formulas (for example, NOW, RAND, OFFSET, INDIRECT) are recalculated every time the spreadsheet is modified. If there are a large number of formulas that depend on cells with volatile formulas, they will be recalculated on each edit, which may slow down a spreadsheet.
  • Import-based formulas (e.g., IMPORTRANGE) are recalculated periodically and increase complexity.
Also, it is recommended that you compress images prior to importing them to your document or presentation to reduce file sizes.
Information for the table above was pulled from this Google Support page: