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Top Features To Check Before You Buy Your Next Smartphone

We are assuming that you already own a smartphone, unless you are living an ascetic life. As technological evolution is rampant, the smartphones get upgraded with a blink of an eye. If you are considering upgrading your smartphone, you should check out the top trending features.

Here, we have discussed top features that you should consider before purchasing a smartphone. These features can drastically uplift the utility of your device. 
 Sufficient System Memory and Storage
Since most of the tasks can be accomplished with the assistance of apps, you need sufficient RAM and storage space for seamless functioning of your device. These apps and in-built smartphone features consume extensive memory during usage. Hence, your smartphone should be able to handle it. It will be wise if you opt for a 3 GB or 4 GB variant.
Nowadays, most of the smartphones feature inbuilt storage space. Therefore, you should opt for a smartphone that has optimum storage space, such as 32 GB or 64 GB.

Dual Camera
Don’t miss the most precious moments, and for this, you should purchase a smartphone integrated with a powerful dual camera. Some of the phones, such as Moto G5s Plus, Apple iPhone 8, and OnePlus 5 are integrated with a dual camera. The dual combination consists of a zoom lens and a telephoto lens. If you are looking to spend around Rs 20000, you can see some impressive camera phones on Review Station. See: Best Camera Mobile Phones under 20000.

Impressive Battery Backup
If you are an avid traveler or an ardent user of smartphones, an impressive battery backup should be a priority for you. A smartphone’s battery backup should be at least 18-24 hours, depending on the usage. For example, continuous usage of the internet or GPS can drain out battery levels too quickly. Hence, you should buy a smartphone installed with a battery of 3,000 mAh or more.

Fingerprint Sensor
Gone are the days when you had fee the passcode to unlock your smartphone. Now, you should embrace the latest technology, such as fingerprint sensor, to accomplish some functions such as unlocking your phone or clicking a photograph. The sensor reads your fingerprint to detect your identity. Hence, your device is secured against theft and misuse.

Water Resistant and Screen Protection
Precaution is always better than cure. For this purpose, smartphone manufacturers provide optimum protection for your smartphone. For example, Corning Gorilla glass protection safeguards your smartphone against breakage. Similarly, smartphones adhering to IP67 and IP68 specifications are both spill-proof and waterproof. If your budget allows, you should opt for smartphones abiding by these guidelines.

The refined resolution is utmost important for an enhanced user experience. An HD display is highly recommended in smartphones, and most of the devices boast of an HD display. If you are not satisfied with this configuration, you can also opt for smartphones integrated with Full HD resolution of 1440×2560 pixels.

Robust Processor
A processor is a component that is responsible for the flawless functioning of your device. Snapdragon is the pioneer in the smartphone processor segment. Most of the high-end smartphones are integrated with the latest Snapdragon 835 processor that operates at blazing fast speed without compromising on the performance aspect.

As technology is ever evolving, these features may get redundant in the future. But as of now, these features depict the high-end specifications of a smartphone. Look out for these features before confirming your purchase. 

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