Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Impact of AI Revolution on Different Industries

Artificial intelligence is overtaking the world of business at lightning speed. Modern software solutions are being taught how to learn as we speak. In other words, we’re witnessing a true AI revolution in many fields of work. Here are some facts about its impact on various industries.

In transport, AI solutions help traffic dispatchers to make substantial savings by providing them with advanced traffic analyses. Also, smart devices and navigation features cut the time and resources spent by trucks, cars, and buses.

In education, teachers use automated grading features and personalized learning interfaces. These features lessen the learning differences between students of different levels.

Online workers and journalists make great use of clever apps and tools, such as Grammarly or Hemingway, to improve their work organization.

As you will see in the infographic below, the construction industry will also benefit from AI solutions through the use of construction robots, both in 3D-enhanced building and on construction sites.

In healthcare, many different devices can now be connected via the Internet of Things. Data entry is getting automated and transferred to the cloud, i.e. easily accessed by remote teams of doctors.

Farmers use AI in conducting predictive analyses of their season crops, as well as in monitoring the soil quality.

Artificial intelligence is changing the world of gaming, as well. Soon gamers will be able to use thought-controlled options, facial recognition, and gesture control on a global scale.

In banking, AI will contribute to better fraud control via fast-learning security systems.

Cybersecurity will also draw improvements from AI, mainly through early incident detection and fast responsiveness.

The field of defense will benefit from AI-powered target identification and civilian detection, as well as weapons that can make decisions autonomously.
In sports, AI-wearables will help coaches and athletes track their performance and improve their results.

Smart software tools will enhance communication through on-the-spot translation, spam control and autocomplete options.
These innovations are only the tip of an iceberg in the sea of AI solutions we’ll be using pretty soon. What you can do is keep learning about them and let them work for you. You can start off with the infographic below.

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