Tuesday, March 12, 2019

FlexClip - Free video editing for simple yet powerful videos

There are a number of free video editing tools out there, but there are very few that actually do the job you want them to. A majority of them are freemium editors that keep the most essential features locked behind a paywall. The others are riddled with bugs and advertisements that make them impossible to use unless you are incredibly patient and desperate.

However, every now and then you can find a free video editing tool that does everything you could expect from it.


An easy to use interface and a powerful feature-rich video maker helps you edit and put together videos for a number of different purposes. Flex clip is completely free and does not put essential features behind a paywall.

It offers a clean and easy to use storyboard interface where you can put up photos and clips to stitch your video together. In addition to this, the app comes with all the important tools like trim, split, text overlay, music, voiceover and even watermarking. The video output is also a high definition, making it a complete solution for all basic video editing needs.

Flexclip is perfect if all you want to do is make a few funny doggo videos, make memes of your friends or even make a small video clip to promote your business online. It doesn't have the power to do complex animation, but it is powerful enough to animate shapes, colours and text in and out of your website.

Try it out today and build the video you've never been able to make before.

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