Thursday, April 11, 2019

So You Think You Won’t Ever Be Hacked?

We all know that there are hackers out there. We’ve heard the warnings, and we know that we need to do something to protect ourselves and our businesses against an attack. But knowing and doing something are often two different things.

While most of us understand that there is a threat coming from cybercriminals, it’s easy to get lax when it comes to security. The idea of a hack might seem very far off. Besides, why would a hacker bother with a small target like you?

That’s exactly the way the hackers want you to think. Modern day hackers are very different from how they are portrayed in movies.

You’d be surprised to know that 18 adults worldwide become victims of a cybercrime every second.

Cybercrimes are often performed by criminal syndicates, where hackers work in groups and have access to some sophisticated resources. Like any other business enterprise, these syndicates want to make sure that their staff is operating at peak efficiency, so they give them the best possible tools.

And like a lot of companies, they’ve moved over to automated hacking. Any half-way decent programmer can come up with a program that would help her to exploit vulnerabilities in a computer system.

She would build in a function that ensures the virus can replicate itself quickly and easily, and soon it would be spreading without any interference on the part of the criminal.

That said, it’s not true that you’re not an easy target. Your system might be breached any time and your information stolen.

Don’t rely on your anti-virus program to protect you completely. While most of these programs are good, they’re only a small part of the process when it comes to defending your system against attacks. They’re only effective against known threats, but they cannot stop you from clicking on suspicious links or downloading files infected with viruses.

Your best defense is to start taking online security a lot more seriously, even if it means bothering with extra work such as using and writing down different passwords for every site you use. It might be boring, but it will improve your online security.

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