Friday, April 10, 2020

Cyber Security Threats Everyone Should Be Aware Of

1.) Ransomware


This is a major threat to any organization in the current scenario. In this type of ‘cyber security threats’ attack, the attacker breaks into the system of target organization by using any vulnerability in-network and “Encrypts” all the data on it into the non-readable format, leaving a ransom message in plain text.

There are multiple encryption techniques available; hence organization literally cannot figure out the encryption algorithm and so the corresponding decryption key as well.

An organization cannot afford to lose all the data; hence they have to pay the ransom in order to get the decryption key from attackers.

This attack is done to extract money from any organization. This way with the efficient use of cryptography, an attacker can get a good amount of money as Ransom.

It is caused due to improper configuration of the firewall due to which malware enters into the system. It can be also caused due to any employee downloading the malicious program file and running it on the client system.

2.) Phishing


In this type of ‘cyber security threats’ attack, attacker poses as a trustworthy source to send emails to any employee of an organization that contains some forged link. When the user clicks on such a link, it diverts them to any malicious website.

As email seems to be coming from a trusted source, the employee is more likely to enter the personal details and credentials on such websites. Learn How To SEND EMAIL FROM FACEBOOK TO ANYONE | Email Spoofing Tool

Now, the attacker has access to one of the employee’s accounts from where he can further work on retrieving the Admin login credentials to execute further attacks.

3.) Denial of Service (DoS)


In this type of ‘cyber security threats’ attack, attackers flood the network with a large number of requests in order to restrict legitimate users from accessing specific services. An attacker sends multiple false requests to the server having an invalid return address.

Hence the server gets involved in processing the false requests and legitimate requests are queued and waited long before execution.

Suppose any marketing organization needs to process at least 1000 users’ requests per minute and on such an organization DoS attack takes place, then it has to bear a huge loss.

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is even dangerous as in it the attacker launches the fake requests on the target machine by the number of sources at a time.

This is usually done by using botnets that are remotely controlled by the attacker. This makes it impossible to eliminate the attack completely from the system and network.

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