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Why Tider Clone Script is Consider to be the Best Business in the APP World

Finding one’s soul mate is indeed an amazing and out of this world experience. But the question that arises immediately is how one will find their right ideal partner? Earlier the world was not full of technological marvels and advancements as it is today. Now with the advent of digitization, people can not only socialize but can find their romantic partner via robust dating app solutions that comprise the likes of Tinder, Grindr etc. 

So as an entrepreneur if you are looking forward to starting or optimize your dating business, you can very well make use of the power of a Tinder clone script to build a robust dating app that can help the users in finding their true love. 

This Tinder clone script will leverage the power of social media to develop enchanting dating apps by understanding the ever-growing demands that cater to socialization and other types of interest. This will greatly and seamlessly help all the app users in finding their best and genuine relationships that last a lifetime. 

You can very well help people from all across the world to connect through online dating solutions that are solidly built with the latest technologies, and that offers the best functionality as well. It should fulfil its mission of helping the user base in finding a match for starting a great relationship between two people. 

As aforementioned earlier, technological advancement is picking pace with significant momentum thanks to the advent of mobile applications and smartphones, which lead to the conceptualization of mobile dating applications. 

Let’s take a look at some statistics regarding how mobile dating applications have impacted the dating domain tremendously. 

• Based on what Statista had to reveal, the online dating market’s revenue soared from 43 to 381 million dollars between the years 2009 to 2016. It is estimated to reach a whopping US$1,754 million this year (2020) 

• User Penetration this year which is expected to be 2.6% will rise to 3.6% by 2024 

• The United States alone will contribute to a revenue summing up to nearly US $800 million in 2020 

• Online Dating services are estimated to be worth 3.2 billion dollars in 2020, and this is projected to grow more in the future. 

• Dating apps account for nearly 139 million users in 2020, and this will increase to 161 million users in 2023. 

• Tinder was the top-grossing dating app across the world in January 2020 with user spending accounting to more than US 86.4 million dollars. 

These facts are more than enough for you to get convinced regarding how lucrative and profitable this dating app industry is. 

Tinder clone scripts integrate several amazing features that are very well advanced technologically to create a well successful and flourishing dating app solution. 

When we speak about dating apps, some key features include the likes of: - 

• Age and Gender-based matches 

• Interest and Location-based matches 

• Geolocation 

• In-app purchases for some captivating features like Super Likes and Boost 

• Partnering with the local cafes, eateries, parks and malls 

• Push Notifications 

• Compatibility tests to increase the intuitive factor of the app. 

• Good and easy profile builder 

• Integrated chat option 

• Advanced and easy search filters 

• Media Sharing 

• User blocking feature 

• Swiping feature similar to Tinder app 

• Social Media Integration 

• And most importantly connecting people socially to get matches 

These are some of the mandatory elements to be included in a successful dating app. 

So, in the end, it is a win-win situation for the dating app user as well as the user base. This is because the former is benefitted in the form of higher revenue, and the latter can find their soulmates with relative ease thanks to the highly engaging and interactive features that come with the dating app. 


Tinder has been a pioneer in the dating app domain when it comes to helping people find their match in the form of the ideal partner. As the dating app domain is increasing, so is the popularity and charm of Tinder and other Tinder clones included. As an entrepreneur, if your interest is to make people associate in an interactive way when it comes to online dating, then use the powerful Tinder clone script of Tinderboxsolutions to achieve your mission. 

Our Tinder clone script comes with all the features that made Tinder a massive success in the first place along with additional new yet captivating features as well. It can get you a cost-effective yet powerful dating app developed for both the iOS and the Android mobile platforms in the shortest period. 

Our team will do everything to develop your online dating platform built according to your specifications and expectations precisely. 

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Author Bio: 

Vinoth is the co-founder of the Canadian based Tinderboxsolutions. This technology company has been reputed among its global client base when it comes to clone app solutions. The team works with passion and a sense of purpose to produce the best quality in terms of service for its client base. 

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