Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Easy ways to reduce printer costs

Paper is one thing that offices use too much. An average office worker used more than ten thousand sheet paper each year. Which generate about 2 pounds of paper use every day. If you are looking for cause, then why not start with the printer.

The office printer is the source of most paper documents. Between buying bulk of paper, ink and dealing with paper jams, costs can soar up. Not to mention that you need to replace the printers in few years. If you are looking for ways to save your hard-earned cash on printer costs and eliminate unwanted paper documents at your work place, you need to follow these tips;


You might be wondering what this has to deal with reducing printer costs. Well, building a recycling policy at your work place sends a message against protecting against waste. Have a recycle bin around the printer will remind employees that they should not be wasting paper.

Email signatures

You might have seen people with these signs – consider the environment or go green before printing this email. You will be alarmed how many people print off emails at offices. This is one of the huge paper waste. This if every single staff at your office print off an email on a daily basis. How much cash you will be spending on paper or ink.

Use toner

For your small businesses, it is better to start using a toner printer than the cartridge printers. Not only the ink cartridges have to be changed more often, they are also quite costly over the long run. If you wish to save more, go for the toner printers.

Cut the color

Color printers are costly and so is the ink. Unless your company or business specializes a publishing or photography, is there really a need for colour documents? Go for black and white printers. Keep the colour printer on hand if there is a need

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