Thursday, August 27, 2020

Funded SkyPAD Glass XL Gaming Mousepad gives you extreme accuracy and space

Need extreme mouse accuracy for your games or work? It might be time to switch to a glass mousepad. The SkyPAD Glass XL Gaming Mousepad lets you control your mouse just the way you want with its hollow pattern that’s burnt on to the glass. This glass mousepad also gives you the space you need since it measures large at 370×450 mm. Furthermore, since the SkyPAD is made from glass that is shock-cooled during the production process, this pad is durable. It’s also nearly impossible to scratch or damage due to heavy use. What’s more, the SkyPAD has rubber feet from 3M that give it a firm, non-slip grip to the table so you can be sure it won’t slip during your fast gaming movements. Prepare to buy the last gaming mousepad of your life; it’s glass.

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