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Pay Per Click (PPC): Growth tips

Managing the growth of PPC

Creating Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns is not as difficult as managing them. You have to manage the campaigns regularly in order to ensure their effectiveness on a long-term basis. Most successful marketers do not hesitate to take risks and try out new things in this direction. Regular account activity is a must for account success. You need to add relevant keywords, negative keywords, split Ad groups and review costly keywords to make your PPC campaign a running success.

However, if you find yourself stuck midway in the PPC traffic, here are PPC management tips that will help you to get going.

Indicators of growth

Rise in Click-through rates:
According to a recent research conducted by WordStream based on a sample of 2367 AdWorld clients, it became clear that the click-through rates segmented by the industry vary between 1.35% to 3.4%. The average rate comes to 1.91% according to this data. If your score lies near it, it indicates that your campaign is doing well and there is scope for expansion.

A higher click-through score also points out that you have a high-quality score and that you are paying less per click. The money so saved can be put back into the campaign.

Improvement in quality scores
Google rates you on a scale of 1-10 depending upon how much it likes your ad. The more you score on this scale, the more the cost-per-click goes down and your impression share increases.
If your score is consistently higher than 5, it means that your campaign is doing well.  You can continue with replication of your campaigns and take it further.

Indicators of stagnation
If your campaign fails to produce the desired result, there may be several reasons for it like:
·         The ads are being pushed on wrong days or at the wrong time.
·         The target audience is being missed.
·         Both the display networks and the search engines are not being leveraged effectively.
·         The ads are garbage.
·         The landing pages are not refined.
How to keep the momentum of the PPC campaign intact?
Once your existing campaigns start offering a good Return on Investment, there are two ways to keep it on the growth trajectory:

1.      Rolling out of new Ad campaigns
2.      Improvement in existing campaigns

Rolling out new Ad campaigns seems to be an obvious answer if you are growing well. You can continue to follow your existing SEO strategy and add new keywords if need be.

But it must be remembered that introducing new Ad campaigns continually may not be the answer to solve all your reach problems. Remarketing can do the job as well. Remarketing incurs lesser cost than the standard PPC and at the same time targets the people who are already your visitors.

Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) is an important feature of AdWorld that allows you to customise ads for visitors who are regular at your site. This feature can be used to tailor your ads according to their searches.

RLSA campaigns are known to come with 50% lower cost-per-click and it offers twice the click-through rate. In the same way, the Facebook Ad platform can be used to gather visitor information by installing a tracking pixel on your website.

Top-level keywords and long tail keywords help in attracting a highly specific segment of the audience when you are working with search and display ads in Google. At least 50% of your search optimisation needs to consist on these keywords. Searchers who make use of these keywords are likely to convert into customers as opposed to those who use general and shorter keywords.

Facebook allows you to be even more specific. You can target the audience based on geographical location, demographics, buying habits, interests and employment type.

In short, the hope of grabbing all the traffic is not only in rolling out new ads as it may become difficult to keep track of all your ads. Instead, it makes sense to improve already well-performing ads to stay visible to customers who are loyal to your brand. 


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