Thursday, May 26, 2011

Password Tips (Password Hacking is todays biggest Threat)

For your own security, you should remember the following tips for your webmail client:

1. Use a relatively complicated password (e.g., “ClearSkyL8@Night”

rather than “clearskies”). The key is to have at least a change of case and a number, or change of case and a special character, or number and special character – preferably a couple of each category – and to make sure it’s at least around 11 characters long if you can (but at the very least, 8 characters long).

2. Use different passwords for email and for bank accounts. There are all sorts of tricks you can use.

3. If you log into your email from another person’s account, change the password when you get home.

4. Make sure your anti-virus software on your home computer is up to date (which can prevent key loggers that can capture your passwords).

5. Never enter your password into a page you reached by clicking an email link. Just don’t do it. You’ll be happier that way.

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