Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How To Set Up Vanity Url For Your Facebook Fan Page

Step 1: Plan your page

Since today Facebook Fan pages can have vanity urls too. Meaning instead of the ugly
you could have:
In order to set the Facebook vanity url for your fan page, there are several things which need to be in place first.
  • You need to be admin of the page in question
  • It seems you also may need a verified account.
  • Your page must have at least 25 fans to establish a vanity URL. This is to prevent name squatting.
  • You need to know which name you want for that page. Because once you have set it, you can never change it.
Facebook lists the following restrictions:
    • Create a username that is as close as possible to your public figure or business name (e.g. AshtonKutcher, PizzaHut). 
    • Some generic words (such as "flowers" or "pizza") are not available.
    • If you own the rights to a given name, make it your username so that others cannot obtain it.
    •  You can only have one username per page.
    • Usernames can only contain alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9) or a period (“.”).
    • Choose a username you will be happy with for the long term. Usernames are not transferable.
    • Your username must adhere to Facebook√Ę€™s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.
    • If your trademarked name has already been taken, you can notify Facebook of this intellectual property infringement.

Step 2: Choose your vanity url

For choosing your pages url, visit http://www.facebook.com/username/. You will see something similar to this:
This means, that I have set my personal username and in the bottom you do find the “Set username for your pages”. Click on this and you will see a new selection:   

Now you can choose a name you want but once you have set it, you can never change it. use the Small box below "page name". once you check availability, If the name is available then it popups a small window. It shows "Confirm" press Confirm if you okay with the name. Once you confirm you cant never change it.

looks like this:

Now you can see very short name :) You can check my fan-page with the short URL and LIKE my page if interested :) http://www.facebook.com/praveendilip

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