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The World's Cheapest Cars

I thought we all want something with cheaper price, especially when we buy anything. I still find many people in traditional market still bargain the things. I hope this information give us knowledge about other side of the cheapest things. At this time we can find this in the car. What is your favorite car? If we talk about favorite car, we may choose the best car and the comfortable car. I think the price of the car is expensive. if we want something cheaper or affordable price, economical, simple design, cute and easy to drive mostly cheaper than a Bike and Safer to drive. Maybe these cars are suitable for us. If we don't have enough money, we may can't buy a new car. But I present the collections of the cheapest new car in the world. When we talk about the cheapest car, we still remember about Tata Nano, the cheapest car from India. But I also include this car through this post to remind us again. 

When we talk something cheaper, it can't be separated from China. China is the biggest country for the citizen and for the industry also. It also happen in my country, if we talk about something cheaper we all agree that it certainly come from China or made in China. Such as: electronic equipment, cellular phone, and vehicle. Why this can be happen? It is happen because the cheap of cost production, labor, and they clever to imitate brand.In 2010, China produce the cheapest car and the other car planned to produce in 2012. Please take a look!

The World's Cheapest Volkswagen Car

I think we all familiar with Volkswagen. The famous automobile manufacturer based on Wolfsburg, Germany. If we talk about Volkswagen, this brand was originally founded in 1937. But this time volkswagen representative office in china, namely Volkswagen China Group is fully subsidiary by the Germany Volkswagen Group for the China's people. With the big hope they can produce 200,000 vehicles per year, with the factory in Guangzhou. Although China could produce their own car, but Japan brands still dominated the market. Beside other automobile manufacturers like General Motor which is successfully launched Chevrolet Spark and Sail as the small car.
We could see the picture below. This is not a toy car, but the real car with the cheapest price. We'll see this Volkswagen car in Shanghai soon, when you traveling in this city. Don't be surprised with the price. The price of this car is $600, wow.... I thought this is the cheapest car in the world. It takes 3 years to make concept of this car in Wolfsbur, Germany as the main office of Volkswagen.
  • Single seated car
  • Gas tank capacity: 1,7 gallons or 6.43 litres
  • Speed: 62 - 74.6 Miles/hour (99-120 km/h)
  • Travel distance with full tank: 404 miles
  • The ergonomic shape which help to reduce the wind resistance and lowest consumption of gas. So this car support Green world or environmentally friendly. 


Geely-IG, The Cheapest Compact Hybrid Car

Hybrid car is one famous theme in Auto Show. Many automobile manufacturers created kind of this car. They have many reasons to build hybrid car. The main reason is for environment. Global warming issue and pollution in this world as one of the trigger they created hybrid car. But we all know that the price of hybrid car was too expensive. I thought not all people can buy this car. Beside there are many future inside hybrid car. But all the fact about the price hybrid car will go with Geely IG.
Actually I heard many times about Geely. It looks strange in my ear. Although there is main dealer of Gelly in Indonesia which sold Geely car. But after search some information. Geely is the car from Volvo. Zhejiang Geely Holding Co. as a Chinese automaker will buy Volvo up to 100%. Geely has a plan to produce the world's cheapest car wit hatchback model. And the concept is showed during the Beijing Motor Show in 2009. In my opinion this is really the cheapest passenger car ever made, namely EC7.
I heard that mass production will be marketed in 2012. This car is powered with Lithium Ion posphate batteries and 1 litre engine. The price of Geely-IG as the compact hybrid car is 100,000 RMB Yuan or around $1.465. Wow........I am surprise again. The price of Geely IG sound like the price of motorcycle in my country. The appearance of this car is eye-catching with several solar pannel on its roof. Geely IG helps us to save energy and carbon dioxide emissions. 
Geely IG specification:
  • Body : two door hatchback (2+2 seater), suitable for someone who just married and has a child, but not suitable for 4 adult passenger.
  • Engine : 988 cc MPFI Petrol engine (3 cylinders inline)
  • Transmission : 5 speed CVT Gearbox
  • Top Speed : 150 Km/h
  • Weight : 990 kg
  • Charger time : 80% in 18 min.
I hope this car will produced around the world. So, many people will buy this car with affordable price. 


Tata Nano, The Cheapest Car From India

Actually I found several  who wrote about this car. Why I wrote again? I want to remind again about other cheapest car which ever made. Tata Nano was launched on March 2009. Tata Nano is a typical of Indian family car. This car has comfortable seat four person. We can choose many color of Tata Nano. With length of 3.1 meters, width of 1.5 meters, and height of 1.6 meters. With the price around $2500, it is affordable price for the environmentally friendly car.
I heard that a new technology have been applied to this car. The latest model of Tata Nano will use engine technology from the compressed air that will reduce carbon dioxide gas. The hybrid version will more expensive than standard version, it was launched in Europe.
Tata Nano Specification:
  • Body Type : SheetMetal
  • Fuel capacity : 30 litres
  • Engine : All-aluminium, Rear Mounted, Rear Wheel Drive
  • Version : Standard and Luxury
  • GearBox : 4-speed manual; Cable operated
  • Speed : Top speed will be up to 90 Km/hour


  1. I like Tata Nano the most as a world's cheapest car. It can be classified as a smart car due to its compact and clever design. It is a fuel efficient car and because of its size its running off smoothly from traffic. What else we need in our ideal family car. Tata Nano Review

  2. Thanks Jane! yup true as you say it is cheapest & more fuel efficient car currently. Lets hope Volkswagen Car will come up soon :) You should check "Maruti shift" the new model which is more comfortable as well as fuel efficient, But cant say its too cheap like Nano but i can say it is affordable and cheap compare with other cars!

  3. It is still concept or has been sell for public?
    Best regards
    Electronic Corner

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