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How to Get Paid Online

This Post is Specially Created for people who asked me personally how to make money through online.

How to Get Paid Online
Every day, you hear or read someone, so and so, have made some amount of money on the internet. You would think, hmmm…. I use the internet day and night, surely I can be one of them and I will certainly welcome any extra income on top of my current job. With a little bit of extra effort, I might be able to quit my full time job and concentrate on making money online! Well, to me, it doesn’t work like that. No doubt you can make money online but it requires a lot of commitment just like normal full time jobs.

When it’s Too Good to be True
Yes, it probably is! There are no easy ways to make money. If you are paid 10 dollars an hour for your normal job, don’t expect to get the same amount of money just by doing a few mouse clicks or typing a few words. They always started out by telling successful stories of people earning thousands of dollars just by working from home.
The truth is, those successful faces can be found modelling in some other types of advertising too. Once you clicked on the link, you are either installing spywares onto your PC or you are directed to a site asking you to pay a certain amount of money to get you started in this lucrative scheme. Couple of weeks later, you realise that you are cheated. It might be faster than that.

I blog Daily. I used to blog just about everything on technology stuffs. When blogging, it is important to focus on one topic. For example, if it is a technology blog, write things about technology and so on.
So, how can you make money from blogging? There are lots of successful people earning money through blogging. Earn some money through keywords blogging as well as advertisement such as ad-sense. There are numerous sites like PayPerPost, SocialSpark and Payu2Blog which pay you to blog. A blog post can earn you from one dollar to anything that the advertisers are willing to pay. All you have to do is to blog about the advertisers with some keywords provided.
Earn some good money from PayPerPost. Each of the paid post has to have an unpaid post in between. In order to get a job, you have to login to the site and you will see a list of available jobs with the number of available spaces. Unfortunately, Remember you get kicked out if your blog didn’t have a PageRank.Dont worry you can join back when you get Page Rank minimum.
This is a PayPerPost’s sister company. It works the same way as PayPerPost but in a community way. You can have friends, post comments, like and things like that. Advertisers sometimes offer some good amount of money for a single post. It doesn’t judge a blog by its PageRank but of course, the higher PageRank you have, the more opportunities you get.

The staffs at Payu2Blog will assign assignments, so you have to login frequently to check. A normal assignment has a pay-out of five dollars for 60 words including a keyword provided. Occasionally, there are special assignments which mean more money per blog post.

The good thing about Google Adsense is that it is global. You can use it anywhere, in your blog. More importantly, you need to have good amount of traffic in order for Adsense to work for you. In order to get free traffic fast or advertise your blog, it is easier if you join Entrecard and Adgitize. Both of them require you to add their widgets in your blog.

Entrecard works on the basis of Entrecard Credit (EC). When you visit a blog or website with Entrecard widget in them, you can click on their widgets and you earn one EC per unique click per blog. The blog or website owners will then know that you have clicked their widgets and they are most likely to do the same. Accumulated EC can be used to advertise on Entrecard blogs or websites that have Entrecard widgets on them.

This advertising site requires you to pay to generate some traffic to your website. However, you get to earn back your money if you are active Adgitizing. $15 for a month of advertising and at the end of the month; Adgitize would send me some money based on my activities. Normally,you would get a little more than the $15 that you paid. end of month u can see good traffic source from this site if you use actively.

Surveys can be fun and you couldn’t ask for more when you are paid to do survey. You might joined dozens of survey sites and most of them just don’t work right. I am not saying that other survey websites are not good to join. It’s just that they do not have that many opportunities like the ones that I am about to list below.

ValuedOpinions is one of the few survey panels that I would recommend. Each survey can go as low as 10 pence to any amount depending on the requirement as well as the time it will take to complete the survey. The highest amount of remuneration that you get for one survey is £4 while the highest amount that I have ever seen was £6. When your total amount hits £10, you are entitled to request vouchers for use in Tesco, Amazon, Topshop, Burton and many more.

IPSOS Panel works on point’s basis. As usual, the longer the survey, the more points you get. You need to get at least 1400 points for you to be able to request for vouchers range from Leisure vouchers and Amazon as well as charity organisations.

MySurvey is another point base survey site. It used to be called LightSpeedPanel which was inactive for quite some time. MySurvey is the new name and you can claim a £3 PayPal for as low as 400 points. Needless to say, the more points you have, the more options you get.
Apart from this there are many Freelancer sites a good example is (freelancer) you say from data entry to programming or anything this is the right place i say. There are many others ways to earn money online but it all down to the time that you have in a day. I am more inclined to focus on several main paying websites before moving on to find other similar websites. The pennies and pounds may not seem much but it’s nice to have some vouchers once a while to pay for groceries or gadgets or accessories that is fancy.  

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  1. As much as I like Freelancer, I think that the best freelance job board is XPlace. It has higher hourly rates than the majority of other online marketplaces, doesn't charge a commission from freelancers, and there are a lot of job opportunities (entry-level and more complex ones). An excellent website to make a freelance career!


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