Thursday, July 14, 2011

Facebook Inside Google+ (This Makes Google+ Even Better) - Dont Miss!

Google says people aren't too keen on Facebook anymore, but making the transition to a new social network like Google+ is intimidating.
Google+Facebook is a brilliant Firefox and Chrome extension that plops your Facebook news feed into your Google+ interface. Facebook even gets its own tab in your Google+ navigation bar.
It's not perfect--clicking "what's on your mind" pops up a status update window--but it's a cool way to keep tabs on your Facebook and Google+ news feeds simultaneously.
See below for a screenshot, and click here to download the browser extension.
Don't Miss: This Extension Makes Google+ Even Better

1 comment:

  1. In the start it give you a great view
    After you import your contacts and many unknown people coming also automatic in your stream.
    Now I see a lot off bullshit !

    And see G+ now more as a balloon.
    Many people look for new thinks, and after want leave, and go back to Facebook


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