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Download Almost Any Of YouTube Videos On Your PC

This works when you cant Download "Firefox extention or Crome extention like downloadhelper" If you at place where download and install is been blocked by adminstration Rights!

Almost everyone wants to download some or other video of his/her choice from, Google’s site, which is one of the most popular video site.

There are lot of online sites promising some or other way to download videos permanently on to PC. I have used most of such sites and am recommending one of a free site that lets you download video (almost all of them except when its downloading is blocked by the uploader) on to your PC. Interesting! Isn’t it great as once you have downloaded video, you can see it at the desired resolution without even getting connected to the Internet. And now with offering full movies, you can download the complete movie on your PC and then see it on your LCD TV! It’s fun, right?

The procedure to download the video of your liking from to yours PC is easy and is explained along with screenshots:

Open the video in your browser video or leave the video playing if already there in your browser window. At the top left of your browser window, in the address bar you will see some characters before & starting with such as (shown with the red big oval in the next screenshot).

Right click on this address in the video address bar window at the start of the and select just before & with the help of mouse. Ignore the characters after & in address of your choice of video. As you right clicked on the video address bar, a small menu window with various standard options will come, select Copy. Now open a new tab in your browser window, type and press Enter key of your keyboard. Site will open and you will see a small rectangular white bar opposite to URL in the top left. Right click on this URL bar and click Paste. You will see the address of the video of your choice that you wanted to download on to your PC appear in the download URL space. Click on Download on opposite to URL bar (shown in the next screenshot)
 Screenshot showing front page with URL and Download etc. for downloading video
If this is is first time you are downloading video from, it will prompt for installation of a plugin along with Java. Install the same without any worries and follow the instructions that appear for Running the Java etc.

Also, after the installation of Plugin at is over, click on Download again (make sure that the youtube video address is there in URL window)  If you again get the warning that plugin is not installed ignore it and click on some option to inform the window alert that it’s already installed.

 Now after clicking on Download, you will see a small window on left showing the picture of video of yours choice on left along with different formats of the video to be downloaded such as .flv, .mp4, .3gp and HD etc. with the relevant sizes (shown in the enext screenshot) The more the size of the video format, the better will be the quality of the video downloaded from But take care of the hard disk space on your PC because if you download too many high resolution videos, finally you may end up with shortage or no hard disk space. Click on which format of video you want to download, choose the download path on your PC (Drive\folder) and click on OK on the Video Download window. showing the formats available for the video to be downloaded with sizes

Now, depending on your Internet connection speed and the size of the video being downloaded, the desired video will be completely downloaded on to your PC secondary storage media selected by you, i.e hard disk, USB disk etc. Once the video has been downloaded on your PC from via download online tool, you will need the relevant video player to play the relevant file. VLC video player can play almost all of the video files.

Note: Not all of the videos can be downloaded from via but yes mostly all of them. Youtube videos where the uploader has put restriction on its download cannot be downloaded via but I have found very less cases of restrictions of not downloading the video. Also, another big plus point of is that it can download not only online videos from but also videos from reputed video sites such as: (Russian video site)
The above URL’s of the video sites from where videos can be downloaded using is as per the names of the videos sites available at front page. There can be changes in the above URL’s of the video sites from where can download videos in future.

I am sure that this computer tip of downloading videos and other online video sites videos on to your PC for free will add more fun as well as productiveness in your PC work environment. Select the right, i.e. useful videos that helps you in some or other way (education etc.), download them for free using as explained above and benefit in some or other way!

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