Thursday, August 25, 2011

Facebook App finder -

Finding applications on Facebook has just got easier. launched on Thursday, Aug 25 as a website for discovering interesting Facebook applications.

Developed by Chennai-based startup gBoom, AppFishing is a category-driven application directory for users to find cool Facebook applications. AppFishing also works as a taste engine that automatically discovers user taste and suggests apps that are most relevant to the user.

Why would the world need a way outside of Facebook to discover Facebook applications? gBoom CEO Pradeep Vijayakumar says, "Facebook's strategy to ground their app directory and pursue social methods of application discovery sounds cool. However, users will still prefer to use applications that suit their personal taste and interests, as opposed to using applications which their friends are using. This is where AppFishing fits into the app ecosystem, as both an application directory and as a taste engine for personalized app suggestions."

"User taste is automatically determined by gBoom's proprietary taste circles technology. App Suggestions will therefore be the easiest way for users to keep discovering apps that they will love."

Users can download AppFishing app from Here.

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