Friday, August 26, 2011

Sync your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn with Google+

Hope you all got Google+ account - so, what's now? Though, you have accounts in Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, it would be difficult to stay connected with your friends through all these social networking sites. But, how about a new chrome extension that lets you post your updates in all social sites simultaneously? Here is it!

The new chrome extension 'Publish sync' helps you to post text, photos, video, links, etc simultaneously on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Plurk and many more. With Publish sync extension, users can synchronize various social sites.

Moreover, Publish sync also helps users to share contents on various social sites at a time. Users can share or publish content from G+ to Linkedin, Digg, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter etc.

* Support Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Plurk mutual synchronization.
* Support Google+ circles
* Can choose any site you want to synchronize

Meanwhile, some the users told that after installing Publish sync, it automatically posted a recommendation of the extension to their Google+ page without their permission. Also, if you connect this extension using your Facebook or Twitter ID, the same auto post will appear on your walls.

Still, if you want to download this extension - click here. You can also read Tricks to post on Facebook-Google+ simultaneously and Tips to Get Facebook, Twitter on Google Plus. Stay connected to get more tips & tricks on Facebook, G+ and Twitter as well

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