Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Microsoft Launches Windows 8 - all set to beat iPad?

Finally, the much-awaited day, Sept 13 has come when Microsoft is all set to unveil Windows 8 to the world. The next-generation Windows 8 is to be debuted at its Build developer's conference, starting yesterday, Sept 13.

Windows 8 will have two personalities: One will be similar to the desktop version of Windows 7. The other will be a tablet skin that looks a lot like the Windows Phone interface. In one word, it's the sheer dominance of the iPad.

According to Microsoft, Windows 8 will give computer users the option of navigation through the kind of touch-based interface they've got used to on tablets and smartphones. Continuing with the tablet-mimicking paradigm, Windows 8 also lets users run apps in full-screen mode. As a result of all the changes, Microsoft says Windows 8 will be equally at home either on traditional PCs and laptops or on tablets.

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