Thursday, October 27, 2011

Google+ Blogger Integration : Switch Blogger profiles over to Google+

Blogger users now have the option to switch their Blogger profiles over to Google+. Google is also testing a one-touch Add to Circles button in selected users’ search results, as well. Google is trying to get more users onto the Google+ platform, but the Blogger integration, in particular, may not be for everyone. In other Google+ news, Larry Page is finally master of his own domain.

Optional Google+ Blogger Integration Coming Out to All Users Within Weeks

A pop-up on the Blogger in Draft dashboard aims to entice users to make the switch with the promise of access to upcoming Google+ features in Blogger. If you switch your Blogger profile to a Google+ profile, people in your social network will see your blog posts in their search results. Google says this will “give your readers a more familiar and robust sense of who you are.”


What if you don’t necessarily want readers to be all that familiar with you? People who write under pseudonyms won’t want to switch to a Google+ profile for their blogging persona until pseudonyms are accepted on the social network, which is in the works. The option to switch is currently available to Blogger in Draft users and will roll out to all Blogger users in the coming weeks.

In their FAQs, Google states the benefit of making the switch: “Linking your blogs to your Google+ profile is a way to maintain one identity across the web, and you’ll have one less profile to manage and update.”
As we reported earlier this week, Google is now a certified Identity Provider and it remains to be seen how verified identities may be used within the federal applications for which Google is an approved provider. It does seem that Google is actively trying to get more users into their identity ecosystem and this is another means to that end.

Google Testing One-Click Circles in SERPs

Google is testing another new way to get users on to the Google+ platform: showing an Add to Circles button on search results, TechCrunch reported. If the publisher is already in your Circles, it indicates this in the results, perhaps enticing you to stop and read if you missed it in the social network.
The test seems limited to a small number of users right now, though it is appearing to users in the U.S. and Canada.

Larry Page Steals Mark Zuckerberg’s Google+ Crown

Google CEO Larry Page has finally surpassed Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg as the most often Circled person at Google+. As of this writing, Page had 613,026 people who added him in Circles to Zuckerberg’s 599,978.

Meanwhile, there’s no race at all over on Facebook. Zuckerberg has over 8.8 million subscribers; the Larry Page-page has under 5,000 followers and if he has a personal account, it’s not easy to find.

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