Sunday, October 9, 2011

New-look Facebook

The popular social networking site Facebook seems to be going through a metamorphosis and will role out its biggest ever change on Friday. The change is expected to alter the way 800 million users network on the site.

Most prominent among the changes is the "Timeline" that was revealed by Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg last week. Due to the sheer popularity of the site, every minor or major change is looked upon and reacted intensely upon by the millions of FB users spread across the globe.

In an annual developers conference, Zuckerberg talked about the changes and said that the changes will reflect the "heart of your Facebook experience, completely rethought from the ground up."

The CEO of Facebook-focused "career network" BranchOut, Rick Marini stated on the latest developments of Facebook, "If your Timeline becomes an important part of your life -- the diary of your life -- Facebook may have just locked people in for the next 20 years. If Facebook is where all of this happens, all your pictures, all your video, everything you've ever done. You're never going to leave."

In a move to make Facebook a register of the users life online, Zuckerberg said that his team's aim was "to design a place that feels like your home." On this, Forrester analyst Sean Corcoran commented that Facebook was "positioning itself as not just your social graph online, but your life online."

Popular tech blog Mashable's founder Pete Cashmore fueling anticipation was quoted as saying, "You'll freak when you see the new Facebook." The change, Cashmore said would be jarring for the millions for whom visiting Facebook is an everyday affair. He added that the users will realize that Facebook has "unleashed something so remarkable that you didn't even recognize it at first: A meaningful social network."

With Facebook in a supremacy race with search engine giant Google, Zuckerberg declared that the humble site he launched in 2004 from his Harvard dormitory room intended to be the central hub for the Internet.

The new and improved "Timeline" feature on the profile page will be flagged off on Friday that will be revamped in the coming weeks. It is understood that the social networking giant has saved everything that has ever been uploaded.

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