Sunday, October 9, 2011

Facebook and Websense signed a partnership - To protect malicious links

World's popular networking site Facebook has signed a partnership with security firm Websense in order to protect its users against malicious links which leads to malware-embeded website and fraud.

Facebook said that if the users wants to visit an external site, then current set up makes no differentiation between friendly and dangerous sites which makes users unprotected.

The new technology will generate an alert screen to users whenever it suspects a threat in a page giving details of the risk, as told in BBC report.

Facebook and Websense said that the extra measures would provide enough security to its users from phishing and malware scammers.

The protection will be powered by Websense's "Threatseeker Cloud", a system that stores a database of known malicious URLs. The new technology can also detect risky URLs by curbing the threats in real-time. The new system will also "follow" links made using popular URL shorteners like as and to confirm their safety.

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