Wednesday, October 19, 2011

TOPSY - Real-time search for Social web - Google+ Posts Now Trackable

topsy-plus-googleTopsy, the "real-time search for the social web," has launched a Google+ post search. Along with that search, Topsy offers trend data for Plus.

Topsy is best known for its Twitter-search capabilities, which ranks all tweets according to the authority of the person tweeting, the rate of re-sharing, and other metrics. A similar tactic is being applied for Google+ search, where users will now be able to search through posts that are ranked algorithmically.

Topsy only displays the public Plus posts (with Twitter, they have access to the firehose of real-time data, and Google has yet to provide access to a similar data stream). Additionally, for the time being, Topsy's Google+ post search is an independent website feature. However, the company indicated to Forbes that they had plans to integrate the searches in the future.

For business owners, the real value of Topsy's service comes from the trend data; you can check out the trending links and videos for Plus at a glance. Other tools include the expert search that helps you network and an advanced search that lets you filter out specific words, result types, and post dates.

While we already know that Google+ has an impressively large user-base, Topsy gave further indication of how much public data was spread in an interview that's why Topsy deserves your attention. These resources (especially the free ones) make the site a valuable tool for businesses and professionals who want to spread their social reach, including on Google+.

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