Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Glance into Web searches & show how it ranks internet websites (GOOGLE)

For the first time, Google Inc. is publishing a list of tweaks to its closely guarded search algorithm to show how it ranks internet websites.

An antitrust regulators investigate claims that the company's search process might be biased towards its own business and operations.

However, every year Google makes about 500 changes to its search formula. On Monday's blogpost, it described about the 10 recent changes, ranging from how it treated web searches in less-common-languages. This is the first time, Google Inc has offered a detailed glimpse into its secret process for ranking Internet websites.

Meanwhile, the US Federal Trade Commission is looking into the complaints that Google's search results favour the company's other services. Google runs an estimated 69 percent of Web Searches in the whole world, which can make or break a company on the basis of its ranking.

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