Friday, December 30, 2011

Sidecar Motorcycle - Victory

You know something? The moment I laid my eyes on this $10,000 Allied Victory Sidecar Motorcycle, somehow or rather, the visage of Captain America flashed across my mind. I could not help it, and I guess an icon of freedom, even if he is an imaginary person, does actually work as an idea. For those who want to live out their Captain America fantasies and shoot some imaginary Nazis down while you traverse through the gravel path of your mansion, this is the perfect ride for you. Sporting a Ural-T sidecar motorcycle, this is widely regarded as a reliable workhorse by reconnaissance troops who forged ahead despite being in the midst of Russia’s unforgiving terrain and climate.

This time around, modern components make up the vehicle, making it roadworthy. Sporting an electric starter (or kick starter for purists), it will ferry you and your sidekick around with its air-cooled, flat-twin 749cc engine, churning out 40 hp while being capable of hitting a top speed of 65 mph. With a 5-gallon tank, it is capable of moving around for up to 165 miles thereabouts before requiring a refill. Heck, there is even a trunk for you to stash away your collection of Captain America comics to read along the way.

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