Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Genius DX-ECO, Ballista MK-1 wireless rechargeable mouse

Mouse is one of the many essential peripherals in a computer. Some of these are wireless while some are made for gamers. Genius is a company that focuses on computer peripherals and some of their mice are quite good as well.

The Genius DX-ECO wireless rechargeable mouse is one without a battery. To some it may be impossible but Genius has not only made it without battery with the use of capacitors but it also can be charged in an insanely fast time of only three minutes. To charge it, users will need to plug in the micro USB charger for about three minutes and they’re done. With their BlueEye sensor, it is also possible to use it on virtually any surfaces.

In other news, Shogun Bros., the company behind a lot of great gaming devices had announced a new mouse called the Ballista MK-1. It is a mouse made for a specific type of gamers: snipers. This is because the MK-1 has an independent X and Y-axis indicator to stabilize targeting. In addition to that, it has 11 macro keys, 5700 DPI, 11570 frames per second and many more. Suffice to say that this is the only mouse that the user will only be needing.

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