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Blog Authorship Through Social Media

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Author: Erik Braunitzer, and courtesy of Douglas Elliman Real Estate Company, agents for NYC Apartments.

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Today, it is vital for businesses of all sorts to engage in the online community through social networking. This includes real estate agencies. Social networking promotes engagement between businesses and customers, along with a host of other benefits. When real estate agents connect with the world outside via networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Foursquare, they are bringing their businesses to the forefront for customers and promoting direct conversion.

Traditionally, bloggers and columnists would interact with their fans and followers via e-mail, direct messaging (i.e. AIM) and comments. However, with an increased number of people registering their domains privately, many bloggers have found SM to be a great substitute for these. Whether it’s because of spam, unorganized and poorly written newsletters, or promotions, site owners rapidly have made the switch. But how exactly can these modern social media sites be leveraged? Specifically, real estate agents have been hard at work discovering new ways to connect and engage.

These agents can use social networking to promote direct sales through simple efficiency. For example, it is perfectly easy for a customer to go to a search engine and find property listings. However, when real estate agents utilize the power of social networking, they get in touch with customers directly, in a multi-faceted capacity. With Facebook Places, an agent can check into a for-sale property at any time, and have that location, along with any attached information and pictures, placed in front of the agent’s Facebook network within seconds.

The same can be said for fan pages and groups. Fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. can get pictures, real-time updates, and more sent directly to their desktops and mobile devices the instant they’re posted. This method of advertising is not only direct and instantaneous, but it promotes engagement through commenting, shares, retweeting, etc. It also finds customers on a personal level, an important aspect of real estate sales.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Foursquare offer a range of tools and applications that real estate agents and sellers should take immediate advantage of. Each network will provide different options and features, but one thing most have in common is the ability to emphasize locations and tailor updates to a specific client or group of clients. Most businesses have a client base with varying needs and wants, and using social media networking to address these differences and cater to them is good business sense and can be highly efficient.

Using social media not only emphasizes all the things a real estate agents wants from his/her advertising, including location and engaged response, but it also allows them to reach a wider base of clients and potential customers. Unlike a billboard or newspaper ad, a Facebook fan page or Google+ circle is not limited to reaching customers in a certain geographic location or at a specific moment in time. Your business is visible to anyone, anywhere at all times, as are your listings and services. When managed properly, this can be an incredible boon to business.

The power of location and engagement is undeniable. Real estate agents need to harness this power for success, and social networking tools make this even easier than ever today. Facebook Places and albums, Twitter updates, Google+ circles, and more need to be in every real estate agent’s arsenal of tools.

So not only do these SM platforms create a form of authorship for bloggers and site owners, but they also help bridge communication barriers. Use them to keep clients, reach potential customers, connect with colleagues, and promote engagement with your business, and the power of social networking will show results in your bottom line.
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