Monday, January 2, 2012

Wearable Computers on Hand

The pace with which smartphones are becoming the choice of everyone, it is certain that people are not going to put these devices down in the near future. Wearable computers are going to be the call of the future because soon, we will become only more absorbed by the screen.

Google X Labs
We need something that would augment our vision with information and media. Apple along with Google has already taken an initiative and they have begun working on such projects. According to the sources, Google is working over something when attached to the body or clothing; it would communicate information back to an Android smartphone which is pretty amazing. Researchers in Google X Labs say Google has hired electronic engineers from Nokia Labs who have expertise in making tiny wearable computers.

Apple’s Researches
Apple is also on the same track. Apple is working on products that would also relay information back to the iPhone gadget. Likewise, Apple is selling Nanos with watch faces. Truly, smartphones in the coming future are going to change the face of technology. They are going to be the hub for our information gathering as well as sharing. We are so looking forward to hear more on this!

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