Monday, February 13, 2012

Check your Website’s Download Speed & Load Time

If we talk about website optimization, the first thing comes to our mind is website load time. I have seen many websites with a nice design and content however the load time is very high and that’s the reason for high bounce rate. Website Downloading Speed has a huge weight-age in Google Algorithms deciding your website’s ranking. So don’t you think it’s a nice idea to reduce your website’s load time!

Nobody likes to wait for a website to load in today’s world because of high competition factor and other available resources. Keeping that in mind I am going to list 10 best, free tools to check your Website’s Downloading Speed / Load Time that can help you in improvising your website’s performance.

1. Pingdom Tools

2. Aptimize

3. LinkVendor

4. Website Optimization

5. Light Speed Now

6. Free Speed Test

7. Site-Perf

8. iWebTools

9. WebWait

10. WebSlug

If you think there is any other tool better than the tools listed above to check website load time, please don’t forget to list it in your comments.

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