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Earn Money By Selling Photos Online - Tips & Tricks

Everyone seems to interested to Earn Online but If you are new to Earning Money Online, then you will find it hard to earn descent amount of money ,and it will seem more difficult if you are not willing to spend many hours crawling on web but if you know some easy ways then it is not difficult to make good bucks online.

Do you know You can make money from your photographs ? Taking photos and selling them online to companies is fast becoming one of the easiest ways to make money online , whether you are an amateur or a professional and if you already have a lot of photos, then you are sitting on a gold mine! 
If you have a camera and think you are good at taking pictures then you can sell your images on famous stock images sites that are willing to pay for your images.the stock images sites pays hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month ..Here are Top 5 stock photography sites where you too can get paid to submit photos of all kinds and Earn Money By Selling Photos Online :
istockphotosThe iStockPhoto is one of the best site to sell your images ,it’s a great way of earning money online for just uploading images , but this site involves a little quiz for the contributors which will be a little tricky for beginners but if you pay a little attention you will be able to pass the quiz.. iStockPhoto pays 20 % on prices ranging from $1 to $20 per image.there also an option of selling image exclusively where you will earn 40% .the site also offers you to sell Audio,Video,Flash and Illustrations.
shutterstockIf you can easily take cool pictures around you then you can also earn from uploading photos on ShutterStock , this is a big Image stock site which pays you to upload photos. The site offers a lot of ways which you can use to earn even more by using there programs like 1- Make money selling photographs earning 25 cents per image downloaded). 2- Refer other photographers and earn 3 cents per photo sold by them. 3- Refer Stock Buyers and earn 20% off their subscriptions. Once you reach $500 in earnings, your commission goes up from 25 cents  to 30 cents per download.Shutterstock is also now accepting Video Footage, with a payout of 30% of the purchase price which typically ranges from $69 to $199.
dreamstimeThe DreamsTIme is a Powerful way of earning money online by selling images , you will get 50-80% from each image sold. The revenue of your Image depends on the resolution and quality of your Image for e.g. You will get 1 credit for small photo (800x600) selling whereas a very large 8MP+ file selling will get you  4 credits. the DreamsTime also offers a increase in earning if the downloads of the image is a bit of high.
fotoliaFotolia was the first Image stocking site which I have used to upload one of my images for sale and it’s great site to give a try.The one thing which differs in Fotolia from other Image stocking sites is the feature of accepting large number of images from many users whereas others sites have some limitations.This site offers photographers 64% of sales and it also has a increasing scale for number of files sold.The good thing is the photographer has some control on setting the price for the image based on the file size and their overall ranking.means the large MP image will get large credits.
crestockThe Crestock probably has the best and fast way of uploading images ,the credit of sales a contributor gets is only 20% which is very less in comparison to other sites but it has a huge number of sales per month so as soon as you hit 100 sales you will get 30% commission.the images uploaded by users reviewed by Crestock staff and after that it will be available for purchase.

All sites listed here are free to register and have very simple registration process , there are plenty of rules which you have to keep in mind before uploading any kind of image on the stock sites.

A simple Tip is that To increase your earnings from selling photography work, take advantage of referral programs that most of these stock photography sites offer. every time your referral buy or uploads an image you will be credited with a huge commission. 

What’s Your Take ?
Even though there are plenty of PTC sites which are legit and pays well but you can not compare PTC sites with Image stock sites because there is a huge difference , sometimes you can earn more with Image Stock sites in comparison to the PTC sites all depends on your efforts to Earn Money Online.

What You Prefer PTC sites or Image Stock Sites ?Did you use any of the site listed here or any site which is your personally favourite to Earn Money Online by Selling Images ?

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