Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Launch of new Mathematics networking site - Chennai co

Social networking sites have widened its concept to make use of its technology in the educational level. Former IMF chief economist Raghuram Rajan and entrepreneur Jerry Rao is set to launch a social networking site for mathematics.

American writer Thomas Friedman, deeply impressed with the new concept HeyMath, described in his book that 'The World is Flat' and wrote, "HeyMath's mission is to be the math Google."

"I am visualising 3,000 teachers coming together (from key Hey-Math markets such as the US, Singapore and India)," said Nirmala Sankaran MD of HeyMath. "There is a case for bringing this community together. They would face similar problems as teachers." Sankaran and her husband Harsh Rajan had given up high-profile banking jobs in London to start HeyMath in 2000 after they sensed a gap in maths education.

After analysing the condition of maths education, Sankaran and her husband Harsh Rajan planned to start HeyMath in 2000. This social networking site is called 'Teaching Tomorrow'.

Through this site, maths teachers will be available online to share math problems each other. The site will start with 30-40 teachers in the US, who more naturally take to the Web compared with India.

"An open platform such as this will help teachers resolve issues they face, and bring out creative ideas of teaching in an open environment," said Rao, the founder of the software company MphasiS. 
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