Friday, March 9, 2012

Pulsar - Story of its evolution - 10 years - Next Gen 200NS

Design sketches that show how the Next Gen Pulsar (200NS) was styled by Bajaj Auto..
Creating an automotive legend/cult is itself a rare event in history. But when it comes to upgrading an established automotive icon to the next level, it becomes an even tougher (and even a risky) task.

Posted below is the story of the evolution of such a cult motorcycle brand "Pulsar" in it's latest next gen avatar, the Pulsar 200NS.
Well begun is half done” goes the popular saying. Even for automobiles/motorcycles the saying holds true in the form of “styling”. Get the styling correct and selling becomes superfluous. But the real challenge comes when one needs to upgrade a brand which becomes very popular. The manufacturer faces the dilema whether to go for an evolution (and risk playing it too safe) or for a revolution (and risk messing with the original design).

The in house design team of Bajaj seems to have taken a leap of faith and the result is all there for us to see. The Pulsar 200NS has turned out so well that it will look equally at home when parked either at a street in Pune or Paris..!!

The following sketches shows the design inspirations, iterations and attention to details which the designers at Bajaj Auto which went behind creating this next generation Pulsar. It’s evident that the designers used the lines of the original (2007-2009) Pulsar 200 as the design inspiration.
From the fashion conscious “youth culture” to the stance of a “raging bull”, the designers took inspirations from various sources. Signature “Pulsar” design cues like the twin pilot lamps, twin strip LED tail light, the side and tail panels, the way the seat flows into the tank have been carefully retained in the current upgrade.

Have the designers done justice to the next generation Pulsar 200NS?

I definitely think so. Also the sketches probably give us a glimpse of more good things that we can expect from future Pulsars. But above all the sketches and the final product (Pulsar 200NS) shows how much an Indian manufacturer has moved ahead towards becoming world class.

Pulsar 200NS: Development Sketches


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