Saturday, March 3, 2012

Smartphone threat - Remote access

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Smartphone users beware! Cause there is a new threat on the block. This threat is the remote accessing that hackers resort to gain control over your precious smartphones. This was demonstrated by experts who accessed an android  2.2 running phone by exploiting a reported flaw in the Web-kit browser.
The experts also demonstrated how an innocent looking SMS delivers malware onto android smartphones & then causes harmful effects such as monitoring of voice calls, text messages, track user location & even keep a tab on the dialed numbers.

All these were done without the users even having a faint knowledge. In other words, the attack on the android smartphones was initiated remotely. This caused compromise of the users’ personal data.

Experts suggest that people get educated about the various types of threats. This also includes being careful about the content they download through the internet. In addition to these, the latest security mechanisms must be implemented so that data compromise doesn’t take place.

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