Saturday, March 3, 2012

Windows 8 tablet and its amazing Features

Some words about the new Windows 8 have spilled and these will answer some of the questions laid by the world about the long awaited Windows 8. The information about the tablet version of Windows 8 has leaked about. The word is more than your actions, Windows 8 respond more to your gestures. Since the tablets are device cantered on touch technology, the Windows version for the tablet has been designed for such a way of use. It is also heard that Windows 8 runs on ARM architecture and is clad in Metro user interface.

The new Windows 8 tablet UI is finger friendly and is aesthetically pleasing. It’s been specifically designed for touch. The metro UI itself is a much anticipated interface because of the style of appearance it holds. Windows 8 tablet UI holds a design mainly for main 7 hand gestures. Just by swiping from the right to the left which is a simple hand gesture at a quick glance, it is possible to obtain the charms bar with additional system setting. Second gesture is the swipe from bottom-up brings a tool bar with metro applications and swiping in opposite direction will close it.

On tapping and holding an item, you will be shown an additional menu or information about an item while a single tap opens up an item. By holding a finger and sliding side by side or up and down can help you scroll between items. Since the Windows 8 has an expensive hand in being processed because of the opulent features it holds. So the tablets holding the Window 8 is to come with sophisticated specifications and thereby increasing the cost of the tablet. The tablets holding Window 8 will sport an expensive line-up of high tech devices.

The New Windows UI is a whole new skin over the old desktop screen we were familiar with. Windows 8 have a lot of customizable themes for the PC version while it is still unsure whether such a feature is available for the tablets or not. Microsoft have brought more the same gesture controls that they employed in the windows phone but it would be better to say that windows 8 has a n improved system with respect to the latter. Microsoft have also introduced fuzzy hit targeting on the perspective that fingers are always less precise than mouse which is a significant addition being done.

The world is looking forward to the release of Windows 8 so eagerly that they are anxiously digging every possible data about the new version of Windows in the internet.

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