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Best Skype Tools - Tips & Tricks

Skype is one of the popular free PC-to-PC calls service, but you can do more with Skype. There are so many app and tools are available fro Skype which helps you to manage Skype more easily. So today here we come with some tips, trick and tools for Skype. The following Skype tips and tricks will help you make the most of the service.

Here is the list of 10 Best Skype Tips, Tricks & Tools

1. Send Big Files With Skype

With skype you can send Big Files to your friends easily. Click contact name from your address book and, in the Conversation menu, go to Send, then File to open Windows Explorer. From here, select any files you want to send. To send multiple files at once, hold down the CTRL key as you select each one. Click OK, then Send.

2. Share your screen with anyone on Skype

With Screen sharing free Skype app you can share your PC screen with your friends. During a call, you can use Skype as a screen-sharing tool, which lets the person you’re talking to see what you’re doing on your Desktop.

3. Customize your Skype buttons

With the help of this wizard you can customize your Skype button. For standard buttons, you only need to enter your Skype name and choose from a list of default buttons. If you use the wizard, you can choose the button size, font, color and theme.

4. Add Voice mail to Skype

Skype lets you add a voicemail greeting to your account, so that anyone who calls when you’re either offline or unavailable can leave you a message. You can also choose to automatically send calls from certain people to voicemail, even when you’re available to take other calls.

5. Recording calls

With the help of free MP3 Skype Recorder app, you can record any skype call in MP3 Format. It simple to use, just click the “Turn On Recording” button to record the conversation. Right next to it, we can find the “Turn off recording” button.

6. Customize Skype Ringtones

Skype has near about 30 notification sounds and ringtones, but you can also import your favorite ringtone. You can customize all type of tones in skype, whether it is call ringtones or sign in and out tones, but they have to be WAV and .skype files. All changes to audio, including restoring noises to a default setting or muting everything, can be done by clicking Tools, Options, then Sounds from your Skype dashboard.

7. Send Cheaper SMS texts from Skype

Skype is popular for free and cheap calls, it has also the SMS feature. Which allows you to send cheaper SMS text messages to mobile phones. Sending SMS texts over Skype is easy – you just type your message using your computer keyboard. Texting this way can save you money on your mobile phone bill, and it’s the ideal way to let the folks back home know you’ve arrived safely when you go abroad.

8. Group video calling

With the help of Group Video Calling you can chat with 10 people at a same time. To use this service you have to pay for a Skype Premium account to start a group video session, but you can then invite the other nine people, who don’t need a Premium account, to join in.

9. Add Effects to Your Voice with Skype Voice Changer

Skype Voice Changer is a free app for skype, which allows you to add effects to your voice. You can experiment with the changes before or during a call by using the effects tester.

10. Record Skype Vidoe calls with Pamela Call Recorder.

Pamela Call Recorder is free app for skype which allows you to record any Skype audio call for up to 15 minutes and every video call for up to 5 minutes for FREE.

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