Monday, April 23, 2012

Primadesk - Copy Photos Between Facebook and Google+

Hope you have heard about Fotolink Facebook app which allows you to move your Photo albums to Google+. So now here is one more app Primadesk, which help you to copy photos between Facebook and Google+ or any other account like Flickr, Orkut, MySpace, Dropbox, Photobucket. It way so easy to setup and you can pick and choose which photos to move. You can also move your tagged photos.

Here is the Guide to Use Primadesk :-

1: Sign up for primadesk here, its free.

2. After the Sign up Add Account Facebook and Google Picasa there. Note:- Google+ uses Picasa for photo management and all the albums in picasa will show up in Google+.

3. Create an Album in Picasa or Facebook to Move Photos there.

4. Now Select photos from Facebook or Google Picasa Albums.

5. Now Final step, Paste photos to Picasa or Facebook.

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