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Review on ZURKER – A New Social Network makes you Earn through Vshares - JOIN NOW

I happened to get to know about Zurker a day back. Since it’s in beta I requested for an invite from Zurker and got it. Zurker is a social network where I could earn a share; much like when the IPO of Facebook comes out. So here is my personal experience with a social network with a difference.

You can get a beta invite from Zurker by click here. The homepage with credential inputs look like this –

zurker review
And the home page looks like this, welcoming you with they guy who invited you and a list of suggested connects
zurker social network
Like in facebook, you can add friends and group them easily. The interfae is quite minimal and lame to be honest, but works decently for your everyday tasks. Street is your news feed and what not from your friends while home is about you.

You can write on a person’s wall just like on facebook, looks like this –
zurker social network with a difference
Also, you can connect to a person or subscribe to them, see their stuff like wallm updates, finds and photos. Basically mimicking whatever facebook offers. Let’s just say this is almost like facebook, but the main difference between Zurker and Facebook or Google plus is the ownership of the platform. Who owns Zurker, you ask?

Well, that is the main point of Zurker. This startup company offers you the option to own stock of the company Zurker with something called vShares. You can either buy vShares from the company or earn them through referrals. Basically, if you do either of those, you will own a part of the company. In the future, if the company makes money through any monetary provisions, you too will make some, along with your various other peers. But the race will be for the most number of vShares.

How do you earn it?

This is what they say –
zurker social network with a diff


During alpha and beta testing we are rewarding referrals with a generous incentives program. For every member referred to Zurker India, you will receive vShares.
First 24 Hours
2 vShares / Referral
1 vShare / Referral
So, in the first 24 hours after your login, if you refer a person, you will get 2 vShares per person invited and after that, 1 vShare per invite. That’s how you earn vShares. If you are an early adopter like me and like Zurker, you might as well start inviting your friends so that you become a major share holder.

Referral Rules

Pleased be advised that you may not invite users by the methods listed under Prohibited.
ProhibitedBulk email (spam)
Comments on blogs (comment spam)
Identical forum posts (forum spam)
Traffic exchange programs
PPC advertising

AcceptablePersonalized emails
Opt-in newsletters
Blogging (blog posts)
Status updates (Twitter, FB, etc)
Individualized forum posts
Spamming will result in the reversal of all your v-share allocations AND the irreversible termination of your Zurker account. Whatever you do, don’t spam.

Coming back to the social networking part, there are things like finding people through interests and tags like on Google plus, and also some other things like Entities which are like facebook pages for business. Since this is a beta, you can also submit bug reports and give ideas.

And that’s it, now you know why Zurker is different. Owning a part of your own social network is really something, but for that to be viable, Zurker has to grow like crazy facebook levels, else it’s going to be just another fad like every other *innovative* social network.

Get to know more about Zurker here, and if you want to join the beta program click here

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