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Social Bookmark and News Sites - Tips

Here is a list of 70 + Social News and Bookmark Websites. The Social revolution is hot on the net and these sites are great for Internet Marketing and some low level SEO, and can be beneficial in promoting your websites and content. They are not the best links in the world, but they are an important part of an overall link building profile.

Submit your website content and get backlinks, both dofollow and nofollow, promote your websites and expose your stuff to high traffic platforms.

The News sites, like Digg, basically allow you to submit news type stories and articles from your website to theirs and the members vote for them, the more votes the more exposure your submitted content gets.

The Bookmark sites are where you submit content/websites as a bookmark and the bookmark can be marked public so that other site members have access to your profile, bookmarks and a link to your sites.
You should also add these site's "add" buttons in your own sites so your visitors are given the opportunity to vote from within your own sites. You can get the buttons individually by visiting the respective sites one by one, or you can add an all in one bookmark that you can get the code for at AddThis. You can see this button at the bottom of each of my posts.

If you have lots of websites, or you want to save time, then use the service that I use to submit to many social sites for me, for as low as 19 cents per bookmark, check them out at, Social Maximizer.


Post On Fire - PR 4, Blog posts only, various topics.

Spotback - PR5 - Spotback has cool widgets to add to your blogs and websites for rating your content, simple little star boxes (see mine at the end of the post). Readers do not have to leave your blog, once they rate it, it automatically goes to Spotback! Also mouse over it and checkout how you can add tags without leaving the blog. Spotback has several options for widgets, as well as a WordPress plug-in.
Stumpedia - Best! PR5
Very easy submit, picks up Meta Tags and has a bookmarklet for browsers. A human powered social search engine with 100% do-follow links, add your home pages and all sub-pages, choose categories and tag with relevant keywords.
Squidoo - Best! PR8
Build some keyword rich content pages called lenses related to your sites topics and put 100% do-follow backlinks on them to your sites. Many of my lenses are PR3+ because they piggy back on Squidoo's page rank and the backlinks are very valuable.

Wikidot - PR7
Build wiki's or mini sites on any topic and put in your do-follow backlinks.
Launch Feed - no anchor text, just URL. This one only allows you to submit your site once, so you can pick home page or a subpage.
Go Zoof -  PR4 - Bookmark
Searchle It - Bookmark - Bookmark - Bookmark
Folked - Bookmark - Bookmark
Connectedy - Bookmark
A1 Webmarks - Bookmark - Best! Bookmark - Bookmark - Bookmark
MyLinkVault - Bookmark - Bookmark. Highly crawled site, submit an inner content page for a new site and Google will find it and crawl quickly, which usually results in fast indexing.


Buzz Tagz - Bookmark
Googletop - Bookmark
Oopza - Bookmark - Bookmark - Bookmark
Buddy Marks - Bookmark
OYAX - Bookmark Bookmark
Wagg It - Add your blog posts and site content
Get it Gadget - Fairly new social site with do-follow links.
Shoutwire - News Site
Listable - This one is a little different, no categories instead there are lists, find a relevant list and add your links OR if there is not relevant list you can create your own and add all related content to that.
Dzone - News Site - Web developer related content only. Link is do-follow on inner page, not front page.
Lipstick - Celebrity related content only (PR7)
Plime - News Site - Categories remind me of Digg, so be careful what you submit, you might get banned for spamming.
Humsurfer - News Site - Submit anything, no category limitations. Primarily this site is an Indian community news site, (that is the country) all though I did find many US stories.
Care2 - News Site - Categories include, tech, green/environment, wellness, animals, off beat. Link is do-follow on inner page, not front page.
Hugg - News Site - Green related content only.
DIZZED - Lots of categories, including Internet marketing, technology, entertainment and more.
WAGG IT - Some odd categories, and they are picky about choosing relevant ones for your content, but worth checking out.
Really Awesome People - PR2 @ $5 with your own custom personal page. This is Jim Kukral's creation, not sure if it's worth $5 but check it out and decide for yourselves.
StumbleUpon Boookmark - All possible categories - Lots of Traffic

NO-FOLLOW BACKLINK SOCIAL WEBSITES - Internet Marketing categories only
Yahoo Buzz - Yahoo's version of Digg without the attitude! - Internet Marketing categories only
Del.ici.ous Bookmark - Lots of Traffic - News Site - Versatile with many categories
Propeller News Site - Variety of categories
Digg News Site - Several categories, but they will easily ban for spam so be careful what you submit.

Slashdot.orgNews - Nerd and Geek categories
Technorati Submit Blogs
Twitter - Set up your profile, add your site, follow people -   Categories: Science, Politics, Tech, Sports News - Weird Stories and Articles Only - News - Categories: Science, Politics, Tech, Sports. - News - Theme: Open Source Software
Ximmy - News - Lots of categories
Health Ranker - News - Health categories only: Fitness, Nutrition, Diseases - News - Internet Marketing categories - News - This one is great for fast indexing of your sites, just add an inner content page and Google will crawl your new site fast. Various categories.

IndianPad - News - Limited categories, Good for Tech type Sites
Fetch - News - Small business categories, including Internet Marketing - News
Links Marker - News
Google Bookmarks - Bookmark - Bookmark - Bookmark
Music Movie News - For entertainment/music and movie related content only.
Blogengage - PR3 - Includes a 50/50 Adsense sharing. This one is easy submit with the browser bookmark button.
Wobblog - Lots of traffic there, can give good exposure for your websites and blogs.
Kaboodle - PR6.  Shopping site links, lots of members, especially female, good traffic!
Earners Club - Internet marketing related content only.

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