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Promote Internet Marketing, Blogging, Make Money Online - 23 Social Web 2.0 Sites

For those of you running flagship sites for topics relating to Internet marketing, blogging, make money online and SEO here are the best social Web 2.0 sites that specifically focus on those topics only and are great places to to promote that content and get some backlinks as well.

MMO Social Network
This is a great new social Web 2.0 site to promote all your online business, blogging and MMO content.

SERPD -A great site to submit anything related to  online business and blogging.

Blog Engage
Another great place to submit blogging, and Internet marketing related blog posts and engage and network with other bloggers. BlogEngage is now an invitation only site, so to get an invite you can follow the simple steps as outlined in BlogEngage Invitation To Register Information, it is definitely worth the simple steps.

WP Scoop - All stories related to WordPress

Blogger Den - It's Digg but for Bloggers, great place!

Search Engine Journal's Web 2.0 site for submitting search engine related content. I do not feal with them anymore or read their site simply because after submitting several quality pieces of content, some my own and some from other bloggers, they rejected each one. To me their a clik of the "big bloggers" and what they select to publish makes little sense, since a lot of the stuff is pretty mediocre, so I think their site is a waste of time, and stuck up, but I would be remiss to not list them here.

Earners Club
All Internet marketing, make money online, blogging and online business content.

Small Business Brief
All topics of online marketing and social media marketing

SEO Tagg
Submit all your search engine optimization, search engines, SERPS and other related SEO content.

Design Float
All topics related to design, like HTML, CSS, Photoshop and they have a category for Branding and Identity.

Design Moo
All design related links.

Design Bump
All website and blog design related content.

Biz Sugar

Design Blend
WordPress, photoshop and design related content.

IM Answers
This is like the Yahoo Answers for Internet marketing, blogging and other online ventures. You can answer questions, create posts and articles and establish yourself as an authority and get some links as well.

All Internet marketing related content.

Social Media Today
A moderated community bloggers, PR people, marketers and media pros.

You can really brand yourself at Facebook for your flagship blogs and sites, like Internet marketing, blogging, Make Money Online and any online business topics, and easily submit your posts and content with the Facebook bookmarklet, these will be become "posted to your wall" there providing for good exposure.
A New site that has bought SocialMedian, it's all about business networking, not sure of its effects yet, but am checking it out now.

Professionals on the Web
If you are a web developer, designer or some other web techie you can network here, showcase your work and much more.

Killer Startups
This is a community driven site where online business pros, bloggers and other IM people can submit their startup to see what others think about it. Not sure how much activity is over these days, but they are a PR6.

Biznik is a highly reputable and award winning community of entrepreneurs and small business owners dedicated to helping each other succeed, lots of Internet marketing and online business stuff over there.

If you make video guides on your sites or blogs submit them to YouTube

Hub Pages
You can easily promote yourself and your blog by writing something spectacular, lots of traffic there and other bloggers and marketers to network with. Make sure to write Hubs that are not just promotional, but offer some expertise and authority content and then mention your link for more information.

Again, you can easily promote yourself with a Squidoo Lens, and it is similar to Hub Pages, but without the strict rules regarding over promotion of yourself and your sites. 

If you want to start your own Web 2.0, social site, check out Pligg, they have everything you need.

What do you think? If you know of any good social sites for IM content that I missed please let me know in comments or by contacting me.

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