Saturday, May 19, 2012

Google+ And Gmail Integration With Quick Contact Access

Google has brought its Google+ social network and its Gmail service a little closer again this week, launching a number of new features that help the two integrate together.

The new features provide users of Gmail with quick access to contact details when viewing past conversations, together with improved integration with Google+ circles.


When you now search for contact details within Gmail, the search results will show you their contact details as well as that person’s profile photo and the emails received and sent to them in the past.

Within Google+’s circles, Google now allows you to see profile photos of people in that circle at the top right of the page, when thou select a circle, and when you click any images you are then taken directly to the search results and contact details.

For more information on the new additions to Google+ and Gmail, helping them become even closer, jump over to the Google Gmail Blog.

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