Saturday, May 19, 2012

I’m Watch - Dates Announced

I’m Spa the Italian smartwatch manufacturer of the delayed I’m Watch. Has this week announced new shipping dates for the launched of its highly anticipated Android 1.6 smart watch, which was expected to by shipping on April 15th.

An initial batch of 300 I’m Watches will be shipping out on June 15th for initial testing and feedback. With other further outstanding orders being fulfilled by July 15th and all orders being dispatched by September 15th.

Im Watch

However if you have already ordered a I’m Watch but would like to cancel your order you have until July 15th to do so. But I’m Spa is now offering a 15 percent discount for those customers who would rather wait a little longer. I’m Spa explains:

“But we are now able to define them as follows, taking into account that we intend to conduct a last serious testing program with our customers:

1) By June 15th we will provide i’m Watch to a group of 300 customers, who will cooperate with us for a final and ultimate check, to be completed by July 15th. We will ask them to give regular feedback on their experience, which will be reported in a public blog on the website in order to allow you to follow its evolution as well.

2) Starting July 15th we will begin to ship the product to all those who have an unsent order. We expect to fulfill the delivery for all current orders within and no later than September 15th.
Given that we understand that you might have lost interest in the purchase, we decided to offer you the following possibilities:

• Giving up the purchase and requesting an immediate refund of the paid amount, providing by July 15th an e-mail to the following address, if you are residing in Italy:, or to the following: if you are residing abroad.

• If instead you are willing to wait until the expected date of delivery, you will receive at the delivery a 15% discount on the price paid.”

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