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List of Best Technology Websites - Dont miss to read

Looking for tech news? DTB has compiled a list of the top 40 most important, influential and informative technology news sites, other than DTB, that will help you keep up to date with the latest developments in the world of technology. Latest news always will be updated in DTB so don't forget to bookmark this Blog.

Sites are listed in alphabetical order.

AllThingsDigital – This is the Wall Street Journal’s Blog hub featuring top industry analysts Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. This is your source for hard-hitting, far-reaching opinion and commentary on the tech industry.

Ars Technica – The site caters to computer enthusiasts and covers a wide array of technology, science and gaming news. It is one of the most linked-to sites by tech blogs and news sites.

Boy Genius Report – BGR uses the blog model to cover gadgets, predominantly mobile phones. It’s a favorite for tech-savvy users looking for the latest, breaking news and product releases ahead of the mainstream media.

Business Week – This is among the Web’s top spots for the latest international business news, offering in-depth company profiles, financial advice and insight on the global technology industry.

Centernetworks – The site offers news, reviews, insights and interviews covering Web 2.0, social networking, social media and social lending with a special focus on Web applications development. – If Engadget’s cool, albeit geeky, way of presenting fresh tech news doesn’t appeal to you (see below), then you may like Cnet’s more business-oriented writing. Like Engadget, also has a stable of reliable news sources, which helps the site break news and exclusives.

Crave – Crave’s commentaries on the gadget world are top-notch, well-written and occasionally witty.

CrunchGear – It’s your daily dose of geek gadgets: cell phones, gaming hardware, software, computers. Techcrunch’s gadget arm competes with Engadget in the gadget news and reviews arena.

DailyTech – This is an online magazine geared for the well-educated tech audience. It features hard hitting and up-to-the-minute tech news.

Download Squad – With a diverse crew of tech writers, Download Squad offers the latest news and reviews of downloadable applications on Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices.

Electronista – Part of the Macintosh News Network, Electronista offers the latest news on technology, gadgets, mobile phones, DVR, GPS, and digital photography,

Engadget – Its witty and short tech articles, breaking tech news and exclusives are updated around the clock. Engadget is home to the latest and greatest gadgets.

Gearlog – This is the gadget site for geeks by geeks, written by the staff at PC Magazine. It’s coverage will whet the appetite of any gadget freak. – With a killer domain name like, it’s not surprising that this site has been around since 1996. The site covers news and reviews of the hottest hardware and software, including computer buying guides, Apple, gadgets, games, mobiles and chips. On the downside, the site has a canned, blocky design. And the pop-out window displaying ads can be annoying.

GigaOm – This site dominates telecommunication news: VOIP, broadband, mobile phone applications and more. Tech journalist Om Malik heralded GigaOM as among the top tech news sites on the Web today.

Gizmodo – This site offers reviews of gadgets, gizmos and cutting-edge consumer electronics. It’s closest rival would have to be Crunchgear. Both sites sport almost the same design. The two cover similar topics but with very different voices.

I4U – Among the independent tech news sites, I4U has stayed quite but still manages to get tremendous referral links from both big and small tech sites. I4U’s breaking stories and features cover the latest gadgets, portable devices, home entertainment, notebooks and more. The site has strong sources in Asia’s tech hubs. – The small “i,” means Apple. iLounge offers the latest on iPod, iTunes, iPhone, and more. It features news, information, discussion forums, and tips and tricks.

Information Week – Information Week is geared for information technology professionals and managers. The site delivers breaking news, blogs, image galleries, proprietary research and top-notch analysis of IT trends and issues. – Check here for your daily dose of gaming news, tips, reviews and other related information. Its only low-down is the confusing site layout. It might be hard to find the report you’re looking for.

Lifehacker – This site is one of my favorite tech news sites. It offers tech-related productivity tips and news and articles on how to get things done. It helps you work smarter and save time through recommended downloads, Web sites and shortcuts. – This blog covers Silicon Valley, occasionally delving into the latest on media, sports and politics. The site is geared for early adopters, technology geeks, RSS addicts and Mac Freaks.

Mashable – This is your source for anything and everything on Web 2.0 startups and applications. Three to five daily posts feature top lists, startup reviews, and comprehensive industry-specific comparative articles.

NYT Technology Bits – This online newspaper’s technology content is not to be outdone with its timely and will-written tech news.

Official Google Blog – The search engine behemoth’s official blog deserves to be on our list: it is the official source for all things Google – products, services, acquisitions and more.

PCWorld – The online version of the popular magazine offers quick access to authoritative reviews of technology products, pricing information, updated tech news and downloads of freeware and shareware. It reigns as one of the industry’s best news sites.

ReadWriteWeb – This is another premiere Web 2.0, social media and startup-centric site. It has distinguished itself from the rest of the crowd with its comprehensive and well-written articles on Web applications, Web technology trends, social networking sites, social media applications.

Scobleizer – Robert Scoble comments on tech news, blogging and the Internet. Chances are if you read a post or two, you’ll come back.

Silicon Alley Insider – This is another Silicon Valley news site covering the most pressing tech news of the day.

Slashdot – The site is sometimes are heavy on Linux and Open Source issues, but offers a great variety of news from around the Web.

Techcrunch – Who doesn’t know the blogosphere’s top tech blog? If you’re a blogger and into tech-related stuff, Techcrunch is your ultimate source for anything and everything on startups, Web 2.0, social networking and VCs. The site always breaks interesting news and offers exclusive coverage. TC’s news items range from the simple to the most comprehensive. – This is another well-crafted and professional source for business and technology news. The site features timely articles, forums, multimedia and other technology-related information products.

TechSpot – Since opening its doors in 1998, Techspot has evolved into one of the leading independent computer technology sites for computer enthusiasts, gamers and IT professionals. The site provides daily news coverage, in-depth product reviews, buying guides and download updates.

The Inquirer – The site offers the latest breaking news on computers, mobile devices, servers, consoles, hardware and software innovation, graphics and microprocessors.

TheRegister – The Register is your ultimate source for tech industry news in the UK. The site offers views, opinions and reviews with a British bent.

Valleywag – The site offers tabloid-style news and gossip on Silicon Valley. It manages witty yet sensible coverage of goings-on in the capital of technology.

Venturebeat – The site follows the venture capital, focusing mainly on private companies. Initially it covered Silicon Valley startups but has started to expand its coverage.

WebProNews – The site offers news, tips and analysis on e-commerce, covering search engine optimization, social media marketing, advertising and online branding.

Wired Science – This is the more science-based arm of It offers the latest science news, delving into space, biology, geology, neuroscience and physics. – The site provides in-depth coverage of trends in technology and its affect on business, entertainment, science and society. covers games, culture, gadget, entertainment and other tech-related news through its blogs, regular reviews and videos.

As with any list of resources, there are always sites we may have missed. If you know of an indispensable news site, please feel free to mention it in the comments.

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