Sunday, June 3, 2012

Women prefer Hot Gadgets than Men

We have been saying it for years, and now we have proof. According to recent research prepared by Parks Associates for HSN, women are more likely to purchase “hot” tech products than men. That includes everything from LCD TVs, to tablets, to laptops and smartphones. It turns out that women tend to engage in digital activities more frequently than their male counterparts. As a matter of fact, once a woman owns a digital product, she becomes a heavy product user over time. That usage includes everything from watching video podcasts, to downloading full-length movies online, sharing and viewing photos, and listening to MP3s on their music player.

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Often people ask us what the difference is between how men and women look at technology? While, it’s difficult to make any general statements, one of our answers has always been that women appreciate the efficiency and ease of use that a gadget provides, as opposed to all the bells and whistles. If it takes too much time to figure out or use, many women don’t want to be bothered with it. According to more research from Parks Associates for HSN, ease of use is important to both men and women when making a purchase, but for women it’s a higher ranking factor. The study also shows that women completed more CE purchases in 2010 than men.

HSN has come up with yet another study which shows that women are spending more time playing game console like Xbox 360 and PS3, and that multiplayer games with social elements continue to be a strong draw. Women are also more likely to play Facebook games than men, and more likely to use social networks than men.

At CES last week, HSN took the time out to share this new research. They also talked about what some of their hottest selling items are. One unexpected product that really stood out for us is a leopard version of the VuPoint Magic Wand Scanner. Who knew? But all jokes aside, HSN’s focus on the female consumer and how they perceive and interact with technology is right up our alley. Well, at least they had us right up until the leopard Wand Scanner.

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