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A Few Car Buy Tips - Dont miss

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Author: John Anderson
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A Few Car Buy Tips That Could Come In Handy:

Car dealers are by default the some of the world’s best salesperson and so if you have a plan to buy a
car, you have got to be prepared. We are here to help you out with some top tips that are sure to make
your car buying experience a more pleasurable one.

1. Best to avoid risk – It is better to deal with a licensed auto dealer than buying privately. You
would not come to know if the person buying the car is actually is its owner or there is money
still owing on the car. A licensed dealer is authorized and thus has more credibility.

2. Go as planned – it is very easy to get distracted by the shiny new cars when in a car yard. And
many a times prospective buyers had given to impulse and bought a car only to be regretting
later. Be sure f what you want. The car salesperson will try his best to make you buy a car that
is above your budget but looks so nice- you would not think twice before agreeing. Do your
homework. Search the internet, browse through car magazines, car reviews to get a fair idea of
the vehicle. Better still; use the free online car finance calculators to get an estimate of the loan

3. Talk to people- Make your local mechanic your new best friend. Talk to some of the people who
own the same vehicle you are interested in and if they happen to be your friends or family –
nothing like it! You can expect honest feedbacks and you might even get a chance to drive it to
see how it handles. Even if you walk across to a stranger in a car park who owns the same car-
they would be more than happy to talk about their cars – easiest way to a car review.

4. Set a budget- Before you go, set a budget and stick to it. Write it down on a piece of paper and
stick to it no matter how much you are being persuaded. Also make a note of how much you are
willing to pay weekly or fortnightly and for how long.

5. Car in an auction – we would suggest you steer clear of buying a vehicle in an online or live
auction. If you still want to take the risk, make sure that you have checked your car thoroughly.
Most often the competitive streak in you ends up paying a lot more than the original price of the

6. Take a friend – It is a great idea to take a friend along who will stop you from making an impulse
buy and could provide useful inputs with his sound knowledge in cars. Taking your spouse is not
what we would suggest – you might have different opinion- you want a sports car and she wants
a sedan – having a row over what type of car to settle for send a signal to the salesperson that
these people can be taken for a ride. If you are indeed taking your spouse along, make sure you
have decided before hand what to go for.

Since buying a car is an expensive affair, and we do it only one in a while, do your homework thoroughly and then get on to the ‘battlefield’.


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